Sony says PlayStation 5 will be ‘world’s fastest console’, beating Xbox Scarlett

Don't like load times? Don't like waiting for your console to load in all the assets you need so you can jump into your favourite online shooter and get in on the action?

Well then, we've got good news.

It looks like the next generation of Sony console will be the fastest ever, and if a job ad posted by Sony is anything to go by, the PlayStation 5 will be even quicker than the Xbox Scarlett .

The next-gen console war has begun!

A job listing for a Senior Cloud Engineering Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment has made the bold claim – which is especially interesting given the fact that the Xbox One X is the best-performing console in the current generation.

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The listing asks that the applicant have the skills necessary "to build next generation cloud infrastructure", and that the successful candidate "will also be one of the leaders of an elite team that is super excited to launch the upcoming world’s fastest console in 2020."

That's very intentional wording, and suggests that the next Sony reveal for the PlayStation 5 will tell us more about the company's cloud-based plans for its future.

We recently saw more news about the PlayStation – specifically, a release date of 'Holiday 2020' and the fact that we'll be seeing a new DualShock controller with its launch.

Sony seems to be revealing information about the console in dribs and drabs, so we can likely expect to see more information about the power in the machine and how this will impact loading speeds in the not too distant future.

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