Sony Teases God Of War: Ragnarok for PS5

Sony capped today’s whoop-worthy PlayStation 5 Showcase live event with a glorious tease – God of War: Ragnarok hits the scene in 2021. The video can be seen here. We’re only shown a world-devouring Jörmungandr-themed logo over some tantalizing and ominous chorus, but it’s sure to be enough to stoke the fires of fan passion for more in the God of War saga.

Ragnarök refers to the prophesied endgame in Norse mythology where the pantheon of viking gods called “Æsir” are led by King Odin against his son Loki, who banded together frost and fire giants into an army hell-bent on destroying the world. Gods and monsters die, realms are devastated, and only two humans survive to repopulate Midgard.

In 2021, game developer Santa Monica Studio will launch fan-favorite Kratos into the epic tale in the aptly titled God of War: Ragnarok, a sequel to the smash-hit God of War reboot released on April 20, 2018 for the PS4 – which became the fastest selling Playstation 4 exclusive and to date has sold north of 10 million copies.

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Stay tuned to for more details as they emerge from the storm of news around the announcement.

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