Sony Thinks PS5 Will Outsell PS4

Sony is quite confident its soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5 will outsell the current PlayStation 4. With the pre-order gate having opened last month, a number of users are poised to bid their farewells to the PS4 and are brimming with anticipation as the PS5’s launch is a little over a month away.

The PS4 dropped in November of 2013 and quickly found its way into households around the world, selling 7 million units by the end of its first financial year. The console’s manufacturers fully expect the PS5 to do better within the same timeframe and, given the excitement ahead of the launch, who could blame them?

PlayStation chief Jim Ryan expressed as much to Korean publication Naver in a recent interview.

“We think the PS5 will sell more in its first fiscal year than [we] sold in the first fiscal year at the time of PS4 launch,” Ryan said.

The next-gen system will launch in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea on November 12, while gamers in the UK and the rest of the world will have a bit of a longer wait as it’s set to drop elsewhere on November 19. It’s predicted that Sony will sell over 200 million units.

Sony will have two versions on offer, with the pricier one going for $499.99 and the second – fully digital, without the ability to accommodate discs – $100 cheaper. The all-digital version of the console seems to be quite the selling point for the electronics giant but one analyst claims Sony “blew it” by making a cheaper model and will incur substantial losses.

The pricing of games has prompted cause for concern, where gamers are concerned, as various publishers will launch games at $70, $10 more than what they are used to paying for a standard, new title.

Quizzed on the hike, Ryan said, “It is difficult to talk about the overall game market or other game consoles, but I think the value is obvious in the case of the PS5.

“We’ll excite fans around the world with the best exclusive games on the market today and deliver a truly next-generation device experience that will captivate them.”

The PS5 is also reported to run very quietly while not getting hot, with a Japanese journalist claiming to have played for several hours in a hot room and not feeling any heat on the device’s surface or hearing any fan noise.

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