Spellbreak: Frostborn Class Guide

The Frostborn Class in Spellbreak is just as varied and unique as the other five, and will suit players who like to hit and run. It is considered slightly more advanced than some others, but if you’re able to put in the time to master its abilities, you should find yourself as one of the top Vowbreakers in every game you join. Just knowing what the Frostborn can do isn’t quite enough, however. You’ll need to know the best way to build this class to fully bring out its potential.

Class Overview

The Frostborn Class is, of course, focused on ice-based spells. It comes equipped with the Frost gauntlet, which packs two abilities, plus the four class skills. Overall this is not a class for players who want to dive head first into the action, but rather take advantage of opportunities and pick off targets from range.

Frostborn Class Abilities

Your Frost gauntlet is packing two abilities you need to get very comfortable with right away. These are going to be your primary methods of dealing damage.

First is the Ice Lance spell. You should think of this as a sniper shot, only instead of a bullet you’re launching a big shard of ice. It takes a moment to fire, and you can continue to hold it to charge up the speed and damage it deals. Because of the initial charge, this isn’t a move you should be depending on in a close quarters fight unless you have to.

Your second ability is the Flash Freeze sorcery. This move creates an AOE around your character that slows down any enemy caught inside. If they don’t get out fast enough, it will fully freeze them making them an easy target for a fully charged Ice Lance. This is a great defensive option should the enemy get a little too close and you need to make some space or escape.

Frostborn Class Skills

The four skills you get as the Frostborn are mostly mobility based, but also give you some nice buffs as well.

You start with Frozen Alacrity, which makes your Ice Lance leave a path of ice along its trajectory that you can use to accelerate 150% faster when running on.

At level two you get Icicle. This is a great skill have when attempting to make more difficult shots, allowing you to float for five seconds in the air if you start aiming your Ice Lance, plus puts an outline over targets while you aim.

Tundra is your level three skill and makes you immune to damage while casting Flash Freeze, another complement to using it as an escape plan, but also buffs the duration by 100%.

Finally you get Ice Prism at level four. With this skill you can overcharge your Ice Lance for another half second to give it a 35% damage buff.

Best Secondary Gauntlet

For a secondary gauntlet, Frostborn does very well with the Toxic gauntlet. While Frost excels in the long range, toxic is best up close. Not only that, but toxic is the only spell that is able to be shot within your Flash Freeze ability without getting nullified aside from stone. The toxic cloud ability is also great to force enemies to move out of cover from a distance so you can land your Ice Lance shots on them.

Best Runes And Talents

For runes, you’ll want to find either Dash or Springstep. These are amazing for keeping you mobile in defensive and offensive situations. Even as a range class you will want to be able to reposition effectively to maintain angles and sight on your targets who will never be standing still. Dash is a little less useful for Frostborn since it is only a horizontal movement, while Springstep works very well with your Ice Lance and Icicle skill since it puts you into the air where you can pause yourself to pick a shot if you see one.

In terms of Talents, there are a few you should prioritize equipping.

Mind: Harmony – This Talent is absolutely necessary for you since every elemental effect you combine with your ice trails would inflict a status on you. With Harmony making you immune to slow, freeze, and shock, plus reducing incoming damage, you won’t have to worry about accidentally hindering yourself or enemy players taking advantage of your Flash Freeze AOE.

Body: Scavenging – Scavenging is one of the best Talents in the game for any class, and Frostborn is no different. This Talent restores health and armor for each opponent you exile. These resources only become harder and harder to find as matches go on, so having a way to heal late game can be a game changer.

Spirit: Thirsty – Thirsty is another universally great Talent that speeds up your potion and shard animations, so you spend less time vulnerable while using them, but also shares 50% of their affects on your team if they’re close enough. You’ll be glad to have this one when you need a quick heal mid fight, and even more happy if the rest of you’re on a team with others who have it too for some free healing and shields.

Best Combination Attack

Since we recommended toxic as your secondary, there’s obviously a very strong combination between Frost and Toxic attacks. The way they interact is different from almost any other two elements in the game. For example, if you use your Toxic Cloud on an enemy and hit it with your Ice Lance it will freeze the entire cloud solid. Or you can freeze toxic puddles, which not only freezes that entire area, but still remains toxic to enemies.

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