Spider-Man Mod Adds Quantum Break’s Time-Stopping Powers

Marvel's Spider-Man swung onto PC earlier this year, opening up the game to a lot more people and, even better, allowing some of those players to add mods to Spidey's New York. That has led to someone creating a mod that slows down time and subsequently speeds up the web-slinger, making the game feel like a crossover title with The Flash.

Nanodanc is the modder responsible for what they have dubbed the Quantum Break mod (thanks, GameRant) and you can download and apply it right now through Nexus Mods. The mod will slow down time or bring it to an absolute stop if you choose to. However, Spider-Man remains unaffected by the change to the game's passage of time, allowing him to dodge bullets and missiles as if he were in The Matrix.

Severely slowing down the passage of time in Marvel's Spider-Man already gives you an almost unbeatable advantage against your foes, but NTD Modder has already combined Quantum Break with another mod to make Spidey even more invincible. A mod that increases Spider-Man's speed. When both it and the Quantum Break mod are applied simultaneously, all that's missing is a red and yellow Spidey suit that makes the hero look like The Flash.

In its first three months on PC, most of Marvel's Spider-Man mods have added new suits or completely altered Peter Parker's look. One turns the hero into Bully Maguire from Spider-Man 3, for example, while another turns him into a Gotham Knights review score. Quite the dunk from players of one of the most celebrated superhero games ever made on one that hasn't really matched up so far.

Spider-Man modders will have an all-new project to have some fun with later this month when Spider-Man: Miles Morales launches on PC on November 18. As for Spidey fans on console, Insomniac Games remains adamant Spider-Man 2 will still be here sometime in 2023. That's despite nothing more being revealed about the game since its surprise unveiling well over a year ago.

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