Spider-Man: No Way Home Earns $1 Billion At The Box Office

Movies have been making less money in the pandemic because of restrictions and the collective anxiety that brings, hence why so many films are releasing on streaming. Despite that, Spider-Man proved popular enough to make $1 billion dollars in only one week. And that's without China.

During the Christmas weekend, it made $81.5 million in the US and $121.4 million internationally, bringing the total to $467.3 million in the US and $587.1 worldwide. Whether it can keep that momentum is the question as the new Omicron variant is pushing countries to enforce tighter restrictions, potentially even lockdowns in some areas of the world.

For now, Spider-Man: No Way Home is the 49th film to ever cross the $1 billion mark, tracking 51 percent ahead of Far From Home and 99 percent ahead of Homecoming. Keeping its current momentum, it could skyrocket over the coming weeks, but its momentum is tied to so many unpredictable variables that it's nearly impossible to guess where it'll head. All we can say for certain is that Sony and Marvel Studios are sitting on a golden cash cow that neither party will want to give up.

But Tom Holland has been flip-flopping between staying and leaving. He went from wanting to do Spider-Man for the rest of his life to not seeing a future as the wallcrawler past 30, saying that the mantle should be passed to somebody like Miles Morales or Spider-Gwen. However, it could all be a ploy to play the press for higher pay, much like his in and out-of-universe mentor Robert Downey. Jr did following Iron Man 3.

It has been reported that Holland may be closing an eight-figure payday if he chooses to stay on as Spider-Man for future films (thanks, ComicBook.com). Whatever the case, No Way Home certainly left the door open for future outings, but who's to say that we won't get Miles Morales down the line? His uncle was introduced in the MCU, after all.

For now, though, we can look forward to Across the Spider-Verse in 2022, the first of two parts taking Miles through dimensions to meet other webswingers. Or if you're itching for more Holland, we just got a new trailer for his live-action Uncharted film.

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