Sports Story Releases On Switch This December

Sports Story was announced back in 2019 as the sequel to Golf Story, but with more sports. The classic pixel RPG was set to include golf, of course, but also cricket, tennis, soccer (sorry, I mean football), fishing, baseball, and more. There was going to be a big "decasportathon," whatever that meant, and it was all going to arrive sometime in the middle of 2020.

And then it didn’t. Developer Sidebar Games didn’t go into the reasons why, but this was during the height of the pandemic so it’s probably not hard to guess. Sidebar then gave us a deluge of info about what’s to come in Sports Story, including a giant squid, golf pinball, a secret bottom level of a hotel, a soccer dog, vampires, evil corporations, land pirates, and a queen. Maybe even THE queen, god rest her soul.

There will also be tennis babies that begin a career that "unexpectedly grew quite large" and will span "multiple zones."

Sidebar didn’t give us a time frame for the new release date back in 2020, but we have one now thanks to the recent Nintendo Indie showcase. Sports Story arrives sometime next month, and today’s trailer shows just how things have gotten out of hand.

First, there are yet more sports to add to the list, including beach volleyball, BMX biking, and minigolf. There’s also many new locations, including a mall, multiple dungeons, a wild west saloon, a goat-infested building, a pirate train ship (train pirate ship?), peacock ruins, and a dockyard football pitch.

Sports Story has gone way beyond merely being Golf Story but with more sports. Sports Story is looking like it’ll be right up there with other great classic RPGs. And it’s all coming to the Nintendo Switch in December.

Sidebar didn’t say when in December, but nobody wants to work over the holidays.

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