Square Enix Reveals Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, An Action RPG From Team Ninja

After weeks of rumors and speculation, Square Enix has finally revealed that it’s true – Team Ninja is making an action RPG set in the world of the original Final Fantasy, and it’s coming to PlayStation 5 as Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Square will also set its demo live today.

Last month, rumors began on Reddit and Resetera that a possible leak revealed some of Square Enix’s plans for its showcase at E3. Fanbyte was able to confirm through sources that the rumor appeared to be true, and that Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja was working on Final Fantasy Origin for Square Enix. Their details included that the game would be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, like announced today, but only for a limited time, and that the game would later come to PC.

During Square’s showcase today, we got our first major look at the game after confirmation, and it is indeed set in the original Final Fantasy’s world, as rumors suggested. In the trailer, we’re immediately introduced to our primary target, Chaos, the original boss in the very first Final Fantasy game. If you fancy giving it a spin, Final Fantasy Origin’s demo is live for PS5 today, and will remain up until June 24.

The trailer also reveals that the project has Tetsuya Nomura returning as the creative producer and character designer. It looks like Team Ninja takes heavy inspiration from its Final Fantasy origin, but it’s just as bloody and violent as what you’d expect from the studio. The Warriors of Light, Garland, Chaos – it’s all there – but for a game that was rather light on story considering its NES roots, there’s plenty for Team Ninja to build on.

Square Enix, like several other publishers and developers headed into E3, has seen its show hit by a series of leaks. We earlier reported on the Life is Strange Remastered Collection, which had its trailer leaked online and release date set for September 30.

Outside of E3 announcements, it’s still a busy year for Square Enix. Its hit MMO, Final Fantasy 14, just announced its next big expansion, Endwalker. TheGamer recently had a chance to sit down with producer and director Naoki Yoshida to discuss a little bit about what’s coming up for the game, and touch on things like its beloved cast of Scions, the Shadowbringers villain Emet-Selch, and what we can expect from Old Sharlayan.

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