Square Enix’s Outriders is a new shooter by the makers of Bulletstorm

People Can Fly has revealed its new online shooter at Square Enix’s pre-E3 preview event, with the ‘dark modern shooter’ due out next summer.

Although they don’t usually have their own pre-E3 event, Square Enix has put on a good show this year, with a lengthy list of upcoming releases and two massive headliners in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers.

They also revealed Final Fantasy VIII Remastered and the previously teased Outriders, a brand new IP by People Can Fly, who are best known for Gears Of War: Judgment and Bulletstorm.

Annoyingly though there was no actual gameplay footage, so it’s a little hard to tell exactly what the game is. Although it was described as a ‘dark modern shooter with a traditional voice’ for one, two, or three players.

Outriders is out next summer for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and is apparently a game that People Can Fly have been wanting to make for years, and you could sense they were a bit frustrated they weren’t allowed to reveal more.

They’re a talented developer though and also a surprisingly big one, with four studios dotted around the world now – including a brand new one in New York.

In terms of other announcements at Square Enix’s event there was a fun-looking top-down racer from the Square Enix Collective indie label called Circuit Superstars and a brief, but typically confusing, look at Kingdom Hearts III DLC Re:Mind.

There was also Minecraft-esque sequel Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Techland’s Dying Light 2, which Square Enix is acting as the publisher for.

We were a bit upset not to hear anything more on Babylon’s Fall from PlatinumGames though, which was announced at E3 last year but hasn’t been mentioned again since…

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