Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic movie in the works, but what about games?

Lucasfilm is allegedly working on a movie version of BioWare’s classic role-player, as fans hope that will translate to a new video game.

Back in April Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy gave a surprisingly positive sounding answer to whether she was thinking of making a movie based around 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic and its spin-offs.

She said that, ’Yes, we are developing something to look at’, but it didn’t seem as if there were any very specific plans in place.

But now Buzzfeed has claimed that Laeta Kalogridis, writer of Alita: Battle Angel and, err… Terminator Genisys, is working on a script, which will potentially form a new trilogy of movies. Possibly the currently unannounced once being overseen by Game of Thrones TV producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Given how much plans for Star Wars movies have shifted since the failure of Solo: A Star Wars Saga there’s no guarantee a film will actually be made, but it’s certainly a significant sign of Lucasfilm’s interest in the era – almost all of which is currently non-canon (Star Wars’ extended universe was wiped clean after The Force Awakens came out).

But that may not necessarily matter if all you want is a new Knights Of The Old Republic game.

As has been pointed out by many fans, EA owns both original Knights Of The Old Republic developer BioWare and the Star Wars licence, a happy coincidence that so far they’ve completely failed to take advantage of.

There hasn’t been a hint of even a remaster yet, while MMO The Old Republic, which is technically a follow-up to the original two games, seems to be on its last legs.

But the mere fact that Lucasfilm are interested in exploring the era, which takes place thousands of years before even the prequels, makes it seem like a no-brainer for a new game.

The only problem being that no-brainers have a pretty low track record of happening when it comes to video games…

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