Starfield And The Elder Scrolls VI Will Not Be At E3 This Year

At last year’s E3 conference, Bethesda went ahead and announced two extremely far-off products in their development pipeline: the sci-fi game Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. While it has been debated exactly how early these games are, they at least appear to be early enough that they won’t be talked about when Bethesda reconvenes in Los Angeles for E3 this year.

This has been confirmed by Todd Howard, director at Bethesda Games Studios, during a panel at PAX East today. Howard said neither game would be talked about in the coming show, presumably so Bethesda can focus on more upcoming titles like Doom Eternal and ongoing projects like the somewhat-released Elder Scrolls Blades. While Starfield is the next big game from Bethesda Games Studios on the docket, Bethesda has been fairly clear that The Elder Scrolls VI is significantly further off, and likely will not be on this generation of consoles.

Elder Scrolls fans did get one tidbit at the panel, however, as a single NPC was confirmed for The Elder Scrolls VI: Shirley Curry. The popular YouTuber is an 82-year-old grandmother who very gingerly plays Skyrim on the internet for fans across the world. Said fans petitioned Bethesda to add Curry into the next game and they confirmed today that she’s been added in.

Well, since they made the announcement today about me, as a character in the next TES game …I can show my favorite thing I brought away with me!!! ?

Which do you think we will get first: The Elder Scrolls VI or a PlayStation 5/Xbox Scarlet port of Skyrim?

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