State Of Decay 2 Dev Apologizes After Blocking Criticism Of Game’s Nazi-Punching Trait

State of Decay 2 developer Undead Labs has issued an apology to Steam Marines 2 developer James Seow after an automated blocking system censured his criticism of an in-game trait. Seow has spent the past month happily live tweeting his playthrough of State Of Decay 2, yet last week, he noticed that one of his survivors had the “punched Nazis” trait, which added a damage bonus but made them more combative.

The developers intended for characters to become more aggressive when defending their beliefs. However, the traits system has progressed to penalize all strongly held beliefs. When Seow questioned the system on the Undead Labs and State of Decay Twitter accounts, asking why the game had “Nazi sh*t” in it, he was immediately blocked.

Afterward, Undead Labs clarified the situation and apologized to the developer, explaining that an automated system, created by the developer to censure hateful language during Black History Month, had automatically blocked Seow, noting that the trait was created before the release of State of Decay 2.

“We created the rare ‘Punched Nazis’ trait long before SoD2’s release. One designer actually told us firsthand stories about punching Nazis in the underground music scene. We loved it and boom, the trait was born,” Undead Labs tweeted.

“It was designed as an overall positive trait with a skill bonus — it grants four stars of Fighting experience, and also made the character more likely to argue passionately for their beliefs (we figured someone punching Nazis in a mosh pit is going to have some strong feelings),” the developer added.

Meanwhile, Seow lamented the developer’s delayed response, stating, “I would have accepted the design explanation and ‘we’ll fix this’ 8 days ago, sounds very corporate damage control to me now. Glad it only took a week of me and other people yelling.”

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