SteamDB Now Lets You Check What Games Are Coming Up

SteamDB has recently added a feature that allows you to scroll through the weeks of the year to check which games will be launching during that timeframe. This is an excellent feature that will help you keep track of upcoming releases for your own enjoyment and as gifts for friends and family. It's a wonder Steam hasn't added this function already.

Mentioned on Twitter (via ResetEra), this new feature allows you to search through each week of the year to see which games will be launching. A quick look at the site shows that a truly staggering amount of games come out each and every day.

As well as listing which games come out on which day in each specific week of the year, SteamDB also plays the game's trailer and shows details such as publisher, developer, and followers. It's a great resource for you if you're ever stuck on what to play or need something to look forward to.

You can also see what games have come out in previous weeks and months, filter the games by various tags, and display the cost in many different currencies. You can also hide games with fewer than 1,000 followers if you're a monster who hates discovering new things for yourself.

In other Steam news, a recent job listing has confirmed the existence of Valve's new VR headset. There's been no official announcement or release date, but the job description is one for a VR headset and several leaks and insider tips have pointed towards a new VR headset from the company for a while now.

It's good news, as the original Half-Life will get a VR mod later this month. Now you can wield that crowbar in your own two hands. There's also an unofficial rogue-lite Half-Life game coming to Steam later this year. You can check when on SteamDB.

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