Steelrising: Where To Find The Weapon Upgrade Materials

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At the beginning of Steelrising, you are probably going to have one question on your mind: "Where the hell are all the weapon upgrade materials?" And, unfortunately, that isn't a question the game is particularly interested in answering in an expedient fashion. So, we're here to scratch that itch and tell you exactly where you can get all of these precious materials.

Hell, even if you think you know where to get everything you need, you may be just throwing away Anima. Read this guide, and we promise that you will be swimming in bronze and cast iron (though bismuth and orichalcum are a different matter altogether).

Weapon Upgrade Overview

In Steelrising, you will be able to upgrade your weapon the second you unlock your first vestal. The only thing holding you back is how scarce the upgrade materials are in the early parts of the game. However, as you progress, the materials will start to become pretty readily available (and we'll cover all of that in the sections below).

While there is some variance in the Anima cost for upgrading weapons in Steelrising (the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is cheaper to upgrade, as an example), from our experience, the material costs are identical across all weapons. We have provided a chart to reference for said upgrade prices.

LevelAnimaBronze IngotCast IronBismuth BlockOrichalcum Ingot
Level 215001
Level 3300021
Level 45000321
Level 575003331

As you can see, a fully upgraded weapon only costs three Bismuth Blocks and one Orichalcum Ingot. However, you will need a healthy supply of Bronze Ingots and Cast Iron bars.

Finding Weapon Materials In The Wild

This is obvious, but you will pick up the odd upgrade material while roaming through the world of Steelrising. Typically, you will find them at the feet of downed Automats (the ones that are always leaning against walls), or in treasure chests. You will also be rewarded with materials for defeating bosses. Unstable Automats start by giving Module Keys, but they eventually start handing out Bismuth Blocks as well.

Purchasing Weapon Upgrade Materials

Once you have worked through Les Invalides, and you have spoken to La Fayette, you will gain access to the carriage. Alongside it, you will also now be able to purchase Bronze Ingots and Cast Iron bars. However, they are not inexpensive. Later on in the game, once you have acquired the traversal tools, you will also be able to purchase Bismuth. The prices are as such…

Bronze Ingot2000
Cast Iron Bar3000
Bismuth Block5000

Unfortunately, Bismuth Blocks are more limited in their supply. You typically only have an opportunity to buy two at a time. However, as you complete sections of the story, more Bismuth Blocks will become available to you.

There are far better ways to acquire the Bronze Ingots and Cast Iron than purchasing them. Unless you just can't be bothered, and you want one now, we don't suggest throwing your anima away on these materials. The Bismuth Blocks, on the other hand, are incredibly precious. Buy them up when they become available. This is going to be one of your few sources of that rare material.

Farming For Weapon Upgrade Materials

If you want to get your hands on some of those juicy Bronze Ingots or Cast Iron Bars, the best place to go isn't the shop, it is to one of those Unstable Forge Automats wandering around. Once you complete The Factories section of Les Invalides, these guys will start popping up as semi-standard foes. If you are looking for the ideal place to farm these Automats, then we have just the spot for you.

Once you have defeated the Bishop Of The Cite, you will gain access to the grappling hook tool. Now, go to The Tuileries. To the right of the garden, there is a grappling point. Grapple up there, then hop down. There are two Unstable Forgers for you to fight. Now, take them both out, run straight back to the carriage, reset the enemies, and do it all over again. You won't get materials every time, but you will get your fair share.

Unfortunately, while this is an excellent way to get Bronze Ingots and Cast Iron, this isn't a method for acquiring Bismuth Blocks or Orichalcum Ingot. There do not appear to be any standard enemies who will drop these higher-end materials.

Where Do You Get Orichalcum Ingots?

Unfortunately, there is no getting around this one. You will be getting your Orichalcum by defeating Titans. The first Titan to award you with this incredibly valuable material is The Alchemist Of Luxembourg. On the plus side, all you need is one Orichalcum Ingot to fully upgrade your weapon of choice. So, you will still finish Steelrising with a healthy supply of fully souped-up weapons, even if you have to earn your Orichalcum one Titan at a time.

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