Stranded Deep: How To Make A House

Making a deserted island a home in Stranded Deep is what the game is all about. With a variety of different materials and designs at your fingertips, you can create some awesome beach bases with what you find lying around on the sand.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best materials, some unique building techniques, and the general process behind establishing your first house. The rest is up to your own creativity.

Five Steps To Build A House In Stranded Deep

Here are the basic instructions to build a house in Stranded Deep:

  • Craft or equip a Hammer
  • Gather the materials and resources needed to craft a Foundation
  • Open the building menu and select the Foundation
  • Place the foundation and build it with your Hammer
  • Repeat until you have an entire base

Why Do You Need To Build A House?

There are really only two benefits of building a base in Stranded Deep: having somewhere to shelter from the sun, and somewhere to store your items.

Both of these can be achieved by just building a small 2×2 house with a Sleeping Bag and a couple of chests inside. Items will despawn if you leave them out in the open, although you can place some items underneath a roof to add a few aesthetic touches (lanterns, planks, etc).

A simple house just needs to be:

  • Four walls
  • A foundation
  • Floor
  • A ceiling

There is no need to build this massive sprawling base, really, but you might want to experiment with some of the construction materials and create an aesthetically pleasing home.

Some practical uses of a house might include having a fishing dock at the front of your home, somewhere to park your boat, or a tower with a launchpad for your Gyrocopter.

The Basics Of Building A House In Stranded Deep

Before you start planning your base, you need one item and one item only: a hammer. Without a hammer, your plans will never get off the ground.

Thankfully, a crude hammer is pretty easy to come by. It’s crafted with 1 Lashing, 2 Rocks, and 1 Stick. Here’s our guide on how to make Lashing. In the early days, a hammer is used to craft Foundations and various other tools and equipment you might need on your island adventure.

Later in the game, you will have access to a Refined Hammer, although this can only be found in Shipwrecks. You’ll want a base before you start exploring Shipwrecks, that’s for sure.

Building Menu

The building menu is where you find all the Foundations. These are basically blueprints for the type of construction you want to build, whether it’s a small half wall, a palm frond roof, or a wooden wall.

You won’t be able to build a Foundation unless you have the required materials. Getting enough to build an entire base can be a bit of a grind.

How To Build A Foundation In Stranded Deep

Foundations can be crafted with four different types of materials:

  • Wooden Sticks
  • Clay Bricks
  • Corrugated Scrap
  • Plank Scrap

Once a foundation is placed down it provides a platform for further building, like walls and arches.

Some Building Tips

  • You can place a Furnace inside your home as long as the “Fire” side is pointing to the outside.
  • Hang lanterns on Hooks inside your home to create lighting.
  • Mix and match building styles (half walls, windows, arches, etc) to create more interesting bases.
  • If you can’t place a wall on a foundation because there is a stone or tree in the way, there is a sweet “Blue” spot. Spam the place key until the wall goes down.
  • Keep storage close to the entrance so you don’t need to run through your entire base.
  • Build a platform at the front of your house across the shallow water, ideal for placing fish traps.

Best Materials To Use For Your Base

There’s one major tip to offer here: don’t use wood as fuel for your campfire, especially at the beginning. Wood is required for most building foundations, and you’ll likely need a lot of it to build a base of decent size.

Wood does not grow back. If you’ve cut down all the trees on your starting island, you’ll have to venture across the waves to collect more. That being said, driftwood is a common spawn on the beach. Driftwood will always drop Wooden Sticks.

Use Fibrous Leaves instead. These are much easier to come by and much easier to collect. Here’s our guide on how to get Fibrous Leaves. They might not burn as long, but they provide enough heat to keep you warm during the early game.

These are collected from Young Palm Trees and Yucca Plants. They’re pretty much all over the island, and unlike trees, do grow back. You can harvest them over and over again for fuel.

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