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Jobs have been a staple of the Final Fantasy franchise ever since its inception, and since the third title, Job Change systems have been a favorite feature of many of the series' best games. Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is no exception to this, and it makes sense, seeing as it's a prequel to the first game.

Stranger of Paradise has quite a lot of Jobs for you to unlock and play with, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Here's everything you need to know about them.

How To Unlock Every Job

In Stranger of Paradise, there are three tiers of Job – Basic Jobs, Advanced Jobs, and Expert Jobs.

  • Unlocking Basic Jobs is a simple task of acquiring one of the weapons that it can use – for example, unlocking the Mage class requires that you obtain a Mace.
  • Unlocking Advanced and Expert Jobs requires that you earn a certain amount of mastery in some prerequisite Jobs and spend skill points to unlock them.

The requirements for each job are listed below, along with their general role in battle. These roles fall into four distinct categories:

  • Tanking – these Jobs are great for soaking up enmity and taking hits. These Jobs have yellow icons.
  • Physical Damage – these Jobs are designed to deal as much damage as possible. These Jobs have red icons.
  • Magical Damage – these Jobs are usually damage-focused but have the benefits of elemental damage or utility spells. These Jobs have blue icons.
  • Utility – these Jobs are usually very fast and can often inflict status effects, break stagger gauges quicker, or otherwise turn the tide of battle. These Jobs have green icons.

Basic Jobs

As soon as you find one of these weapons, Jack can equip the related Job.

JobRoleEquipment Required
RoninPhysical DamageKatanas
MarauderPhysical DamageAxes
MageMagical DamageMaces
LancerPhysical DamageLances

Advanced And Expert Jobs

Unlocking these jobs requires that you purchase certain nodes on the Job Trees of prerequisite Jobs. These are always found at the very bottom of the Job Tree in question and most Jobs require two different nodes from different Job Trees.

JobRolePrerequisite Jobs
Advanced Jobs
WarriorTankSwordsman, Ronin
KnightTankSwordfighter, Swordsman
BerserkerPhysical DamageSwordsman, Marauder
ThiefUtilityPugilist, Duelist
MonkUtilityPugilist, Lancer
White MageMagical DamageMage
Black MageMagical DamageMage
Red MageMagical DamageSwordfighter, Mage
DragoonPhysical DamageMarauder, Lancer
SamuraiPhysical DamageRonin
Expert Jobs
Dark KnightPhysical DamageWarrior, Berserker, Black Mage
PaladinTankKnight, White Mage
NinjaUtilityThief, Samurai
AssassinUtilityThief, Monk
LiberatorTankWarrior, Dragoon
BreakerPhysical DamageBerserker, Dragoon, Samurai
Void KnightTankKnight, Red Mage
TyrantMagical DamageMonk, Red Mage
SageMagical DamageWhite Mage, Black Mage
Cyclic WarriorMagical DamageThe Cyclic Warrior is only unlocked by beating the game.

Job Overviews

When looking at a Job and how it performs in battle, the main things to consider are the weapons it can use, the Job Action tied to it, and the stats it provides. These are the only things that affect Jack's abilities in battle. This is because any passive abilities that you unlock by spending Job Points are unlocked permanently, for all of Jack's Jobs – this includes access to Command Actions, which can be used by any Job, not just the one that unlocks it. You can also consider the equipment you have, but equipment changes so often in this game that this isn't a good tip.

In effect, any two Jobs with the same weapon equipped will perform largely the same with the exception of their Job Action, and it's this that gives a Job its identity.

Initially, Jobs can level up to a maximum of level 30, at which point they can unlock and learn everything on their Job Tree. In the post-game, you can earn Limit Releases by taking on very difficult challenges. These will allow you to level up your Jobs further.

You usually have to beat up enemies to level up Jobs, but using Anima Shards is an alternative, more convenient method.

The tables below detail each Job by their roles, including information about the weapons they can equip and an explanation of their Job Action. They are separated by role so you can compare them directly against each other and better choose the right Job for you.


Tanks are good at soaking up damage and their Job Actions usually revolve around keeping their HP topped off, avoiding attacks, or negating damage.

JobWeaponsJob Action
SwordfigherSwords, ShieldsInterception: When activated, this ability will put Jack into a counterattack mode. When struck by an enemy attack in this mode, he will automatically leap at the foe and strike back. This ability is fantastic as it will automatically block many attacks and keep the momentum on your side.
SwordsmanGreatswordsSpinning Slash: This is a spinning attack with a large radius. This attack can be held continuously and even be transitioned into a guard or a solid, charged attack. This ability is both accessible and flexible in battle, but slow.
WarriorSwords, Greatswords, Katanas, Axes, Knuckles, Daggers, Lances, ShieldsWar Cry: This ability will unleash a large shout after a short buildup that has a very hefty knockback component to it. It damages enemies even if they aren't knocked back. In addition, War Cry will bless Jack with a short-lived regen effect, boosting his HP.
KnightSwords, Greatswords, ShieldsBlessing of Light: This ability gives Jack a status effect that will cause shockwaves of light to erupt from his shield when he successfully guards. These shockwaves can stagger enemies quite easily. This Job is great if you find yourself guarding normally a lot of the time instead of dodging or using Soul Shield.
PaladinSwords, Greatswords, Maces, ShieldsHoly Fang: Paladins can use Holy Fang to enter a state where their hits will recover their HP and grant them a damage boost if they hit while at full health. This state is toggled on and off and constantly drains Jack's MP while active, so use it to heal HP or to burst down an enemy with the extra damage.
LiberatorAll Weapons, ShieldsMighty Guard: This ability creates a pretty large aura around Jack that increases the defense of every ally inside it and recovers their HP gradually. This state is toggled on and off and will drain your MP if you keep it on. This ability is great if you want to rely on your allies to defeat your enemies. Liberators are an easy choice if you just want a tanky Job that uses the very best weapon you ever come across.
Void KnightSwords, Greatswords, Axes, Daggers, ShieldsRunic: Like Celes' ability of the same name in Final Fantasy 6, Runic will produce a shield that absorbs magic attacks. After absorbing a magic attack, the sigil produced will grow and can then be used to do one of two things – it can be absorbed to recover Jack's MP, or expended as a slashing attack that dispels positive effects. This Job is fantastic for taking down tough bosses you use lots of magic attacks and buff themselves, such as Tiamat.

Physical Damage Dealers

Physical Damage Dealers are pretty simple – they deal damage, and they deal a lot of it. Their Job Actions are either special attacks they can use or ways to increase their damage output in some other way.

JobWeaponsJob Action
RoninKatanasIai-Giri: This ability is a simple attack that can be charged up to deal more damage. It's good for baiting enemies closer to you and seems to have a lot of poise damage attached to it.
MarauderAxesUpheaval: This ability is a powerful overhead smash that inflicts a status on the enemy that decreases the damage it deals. It can be charged up to deal more damage in the meantime but is best used to spread that status ailment around.
LancerLancesLance Hurl: As it sounds, this ability is a simple ranged attack that can be aimed and charged up. This is a very useful attack as there are very few ranged physical attacks in the game, making Lancers invaluable early on.
BerserkerGreatswords, AxesBerserk: As you'd expect from the Berserker's signature ability, Berserk gives Jack a temporary status effect that increases his attack and makes him more resistant to being staggered. As a tradeoff, he will become unable to use Potions. If you pair Berserker with a Job that can heal itself, such as White Mage or Paladin, you can't really go wrong.
DragoonGreatswords, Axes, LancesJump: With this ability, Jack leaps into the air and smashes down. This attack isn't very useful as the jump is stationary and the attack's radius isn't very large.
SamuraiKatanasMeikyo-Shisui: This ability sets Jack into a state where he gains far more MP through his normal attacks and through parrying. It ends when he gets staggered by an enemy attack. This is an incredibly useful ability if you're adept at dodging and parrying, and pairs very well with Jobs that consume a ton of MP, such as the various mages.
Dark KnightSwords, Greatswords, Katanas, Axes, Knuckles, LancesSouleater: This ability puts Jack into a state where his HP is constantly being drained, but his physical attacks will get stronger. The more HP he loses, the stronger he becomes. It's best to use this Job paired with a Job that can heal itself.
BreakerGreatswords, Katanas, Axes, LancesZantetsuken: This is a chargeable ability that emits a medium-range slashing attack. The draw of this ability is that if it kills an enemy or is the hit that brings it down to an empty stagger gauge, the enemy will instantly suffer a Soul Burst, which can trigger a chain reaction.

Magical Damage Dealers

These magic-oriented jobs must open menus by holding down the right trigger to select the spells they want to cast. The range of spells available to them depends on the Job.

JobWeaponsJob Action
MageMaces, ShieldsMagic: Mages can cast elemental damage spells, but are limited to Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind spells.
White MageMaces, ShieldsWhite Magic: White magic consists mostly of supportive spells – this action lets Jack heal, buff his allies, and raise them from the dead. He can also deal Holy damage with the Dia family of spells or the ultimate Holy spell.
Black MageMaces, ShieldsBlack Magic: You can consider this set of spells the upgraded version of the Mage's set. In addition to the usual spells, Black Mage lets Jack use Thunder and Ice spells, as well as the non-elemental, powerful Flare spell.
Red MageSwords, Maces, Daggers, ShieldsChainspell: Red Mages have access to some spells from both Black and White magic, and can chain them together very quickly. Red Mage spells don't charge up to the next rank as normal spells do – instead, they use the same effect but get stronger.
TyrantSwords, Katanas, Maces, Knuckles, Daggers, Lances, ShieldsEnchant: This skill opens up the magic selection menu like any other mage would, but these spells are temporary elemental enchantments that imbue your weapon with the element of your choice. You can pick any element in the game, including dark.
SageMaces, ShieldsMagic Sigil: Sages gain access to both rosters of Black and White magic, minus Raise, Holy, and Flare. In exchange, they get Ultima, a very powerful spell that can only be used after casting three White and three Black magic spells without changing class. They can swap their currently equipped roster of spells by clicking the left analog stick whilst charging.
Cyclic WarriorGreatswords, AxesSoul of Chaos: This ability summons four small crystals around Jack that act as a spell selection menu without being part of the UI. You can choose one with the analog stick. Each is linked to a powerful elemental attack – either Fire, Water, Earth, or Wind.

Below is a list of the generic spells in the game that can be cast. Note that the Tyrant's enchantments and the Cyclic Warrior's ultimate attacks are excluded as those are exclusive to their respective Jobs.

SpellMageBlack MageWhite MageRed MageSage
Fire / Fira / Firaga
Water / Watera/ Waterga
Quake / Quakera / Quaga
Aero / Aerora / Aeroga
Blizzard / Blizzara / Blizzaga
Thunder / Thundara / Thundaga
Dia / Diara / Diaja
Cure / Cura / Curaga
Regen / Regenga
Protect / Protectga
Shell / Shellga
Haste / Hastega


These Jobs are the most varied, but are usually very fast and can do some cool things.

JobWeaponsJob Action
PugilistKnucklesExplosive Fist: This is an attack that deals quite a bit of damage. The right trigger can be held down to extend this attack, dealing a rapid flurry of blows that can stagger enemies quite easily and deal lots of break gauge damage.
DuelistDaggersWeak Spot: This is a simple skill that launched Jack forwards into an attack. This is a good gap closer to use when you spot an opening and has the bonus of always dealing critical damage, regardless of the direction the target is facing.
ThiefKnuckles, DaggersSteal: Thief allows Jack to steal an enemy's skill without having to wait for the enemy to use it and subsequently absorbing it with Soul Shield. This Job thrives when going up against enemies who are easily beaten by the attacks you can steal from them, such as those annoying bats.
MonkMaces, Knuckles, LancesFocus: Monks can use Focus to trade MP for HP and break gauge recovery while standing still and is best used when you have a breather. After a certain amount of time keeping Focus active, you'll get a short damage boost, signified by red sparks surrounding Jack.
NinjaKatanas, Knuckles, DaggersNinjutsu: This skill opens up a menu that has lots of actions to choose from, just like mages. Instead of consuming MP, they consume Ninja Tools, a resource that starts at 10 when you begin a mission and refills at Cube points. Ninjutsu effects include ranged damage, self-buffs, and Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind attacks with large areas of effect.
AssassinMaces, Knuckles, Daggers, LancesAssassinate: The damage done by this powerful attack scales highly with the amount of 'marks' you have put on the enemy. To put a mark on an enemy, you simply need to inflict a critical hit. This Job rewards you if you know how to position yourself well and inflict as many critical hits as possible. It's also good against large, slow bosses who turn their back on you a lot – such as when distracted by your allies.

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