Stray: Where To Find Every Memory In Dead End

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Stray has been pretty chill for quite some time. Sure, things got a bit hairy during the intro, but since getting to the Slums? Easy ride. Free to roam, wander, help, and hinder as you see fit. Entering Dead End, however, changes that up. Stray never gets overly difficult, but the challenge does ramp up slightly for the next couple of chapters.

Your ever-loyal companion B-12 will help you along the way, and his role in combating the Zerks is about to gain quite the boost. Because B-12 is such a helpful fellow, it’s only right to return the favour by retrieving his memories.

Finding All The Memories

Nearly every chapter has at least one Memory to find, and Dead End is no different. It comes in with three optional Memories, and if you miss them, you might have to restart the Chapter as there is are multiple points of no return that will lock them off if you go too far.

Where To Find The First Memory

When you start Dead End, you will venture out of the Slums with Seamus. He will open a gate for you, and it is down to you to find his father, Doc, and bring him home safely. Before you get the chapter title drop, you have the opportunity to retrieve a memory, and if you don’t get it straight away, you will hit a point of no return.

When Seamus lets you through the gate, follow the beaten path until you can see a shuttered door to your left. This will be the first time since leaving Seamus you can venture to the left, so it is pretty easy to spot. The Memory is the shutter itself. Interact with it to claim the Memory.

Where To Find The Second Memory

Shortly after obtaining the first Memory, you will be subjected to a brief escape sequence followed by a scripted cart ride. You will be injured for a while after this segment, but once you have recovered, you will have to scale some pipes to continue. As you are climbing the nearby pipes, you will see a wire fence with a hole in the right-hand corner.

Go through this gap and you will see a dead robot next to the water. This is your second and final Memory in this area.

There is a point of no return just after this memory, and it also involves a wire fence. Whatever you do, do not climb the wire fence as you will lock yourself out of the Memory. This is the wrong way to the Memory.

Where To Find The Third Memory

The third and final memory is almost unmissable. Once you have found Doc's place, go downstairs and interact with the manikin. If you don't do this before leaving Doc's house for a second time, you will have missed your chance and will need to replay the Chapter.

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