Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition’s Final Character, Luke Drops Today

The day has finally come. After launching over five years ago, Street Fighter 5 has just released its final DLC character. The last fighter to emerge from the fifth season pass is Luke, an MMA fighter with a friendly rivalry against Guile.

Today's gameplay trailer reveals more of Luke's fighting style and V-Skills, which seems to hit hard and fast. His punches seem to propel him forward with harder ones launching opponents off their feet, providing plenty of combo potential. He's also got a short-to-mid range projectile and an anti-air punch similar to Ryu's Shoryuken.

Luke also comes with a unique V-system. Both his V-triggers cause Luke's V-gauge to become a timer that continuously fills. Luke gains more V-timer by dealing damage and loses time by taking damage or using his V-skills. This forces opponents to keep engaging with Luke lest he gets a free V-gauge.

Speaking of V-skills, we got to see Luke's two sets in action. The first pair is Hard Shot and Suppressor, which both launch him forward with wide, swinging punches. Luke's second V-skills, Fully Armed and Vanguard, seem more geared to attacking from furthehr out. Luke's Critical Art is, rather predictably, a series of devastating punches. Luke does seem to be a punchy boy.

As an MMA fighter, Luke's default costume is barefoot with some branded trunks, but his other three costumes are a bit more lively. His Story Costume features a blue camo hoodie, while his Track Suit costume seems like something a hip-hop artist would wear. His Battle Costume is a bit more professional, with a headband and Luke's hair tied in a bun.

Although Luke is the last of Street Fighter 5's fighters, he'll be a "major part" of the next Street Fighter game, so don't expect this to be the last you see of him.

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