Street Fighter 6 Roster Leaks Online

No sooner do we have Street Fighter 6’s first real trailer do we get what appears to be a complete roster leaked online. All five of the characters represented in the trailer appear in the leak, lending it some credibility, alongside character art that matches up with an earlier leak some months ago.

Today’s leak appeared earlier this morning where it quickly spread to Twitter, ResetEra, and Reddit. Character art reveals some familiar faces from Street Fighter’s earliest days, including Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, Honda, Blanka, Guilde, Chun-Li, Cammy, Dee Jay, and Akuma. Street Fighter 4’s Ed and Juri also made the cut alongside Street Fighter 5’s Rashid and Luke.

Things get interesting with the seven remaining characters who appear to be entirely new. Jamie was introduced in yesterday’s trailer, while the other six are detailed in an older leak on Reddit.

Marisa is described as an Italian MMA fighter that specializes in wrestling, while Mimi is simply a "female Abel." Lilly's weapons are said to be of Aztec origin and she might have some sort of relation to T. Hawk. JP is a "dandy Russian" with psychic powers, while Kimberley is an "African-American ninja girl." However, the older leak said Kimberley should be wearing roller skates, while the recently leaked concept art doesn't back that up.

We got to see plenty of Jamie’s style in yesterday’s trailer, which appears to be a fusion of kung fu and breakdancing. Everything about the trailer seemed to impress the fact that Street Fighter is returning to its roots, those being the literal streets from which the franchise was born.

Additionally, Capcom teased some sort of overworld that could indicate a massive change to the way Street Fighter 6 will handle its story progression. We’ll likely find out more in the coming months, with one insider saying to keep an eye on this year’s EVO tournament for more reveals.

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