Super Mario Galaxy 2 Speedrunner Gets All 242 Stars In Just Under Nine Hours

Mario speedrunning is usually done in minutes, not hours. As we've covered in the past, Super Mario 64 categories have reached ridiculously low times such as six minutes, 27 seconds. It's even more impressive in the first Mario game, where it's widely believed that runners have saved as much time as humanly possible. However, for fans with a lot of patience, there are other games you can compete in that won't be over so quickly.

Super Mario Galaxy 2's 242 stars category has a new world record: eight hours and 59 minutes on the dot. This saves 27 seconds off the previous record set a year ago, and joins a surprisingly active leaderboard, given how long it takes to complete a run.

For reference, doing all of this in casual play will usually take you around 35 hours. As it happens, collecting all 242 stars isn't a quick or easy task at all. The runner who just got the record, Jhay, livestreamed the run on Twitch, and was understandably pretty pleased with himself when he broke the record after playing for so long. Skip to around the 09:35:00 mark if you want to see the final stretch of the run.

Jhay has kept running the category since, looking to get the time down even further. As great as Mario Galaxy 2 is, that's a whole lot more of it than most of us could stomach. This recent win is actually Jhay's first time in the number one spot in the game, so it will be interesting to see if he can claim it again and beat his own time.

If you feel like throwing your hat into the ring, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is available to play on Nintendo Wii and Wii U exclusively – so you'll have to dust one of them off.

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