Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How To Win As Byleth

One of the least liked reveals in Super Smash Bros history has become one of the most exciting characters to play as in the game: Byleth. Yes, they’re yet another Fire Emblem placement in the roster but Byleth is a different beast than the rest. Here’s how to play as them.

General Strategy

Byleth is a slower character than the rest but offers plenty of range on the battlefield. They have four different weapons at their disposal: the Areadbhar (the lance), the Sword of the Creator, Amyr (the axe), and Failnaught (the bow). This Fire Emblem rep struggles against faster characters like Fox, Marth, and Sonic as their B-attacks are mostly slow, but if you know how to keep them at bay with the lance, you can still win.


The tilt attacks are pretty standards for Byleth as they’re general swipes of the sword. However, they are quick strikes that can throw an opponent off as Byleth is a heavy character. I particularly like using the down tilt as you can lead the attack with an up tilt in the air; this works with up-A on the ground as well but it’s slightly more predictable. Speaking of Up-A in the air, you can use this move to easily knock out opponents on the top of the screen. The whip from the sword languishes like a snake and snaps a quick and nasty bite that can leave your opponents above you helpless. The standard A combo is another quick attack at your disposal, and it has a lingering whip that can deal around 12-13 points of damage.

Byleth’s manipulation of the lance can be tricky. You see, attacks are stronger when you hit opponents with the tip as opposed to the hilt. One of the best attacks at Byleth’s disposal is the back air A as it’s a swipe of the lance from behind. If you get exactly the right timing and position with the lance’s tip, this can be a superb way to knock out the opponent. Forward A in the air is not as effective but can still be useful.

Smash attacks are interesting with the lance as you tilt the direction of the attack with the thumb stick. Using a down tilt is a devastating way to block your opponents from getting back on the stage. Neutral A in the air can be an effective technique too if you want to knock out the opponent from off-stage.

Down A in the air is a smash from the axe, and I’ve found this ineffective most of the time. Players can easily avoid this slow attack, and it’s hard to be accurate to make this a good spike move.


This is where you have to be careful. The Three Houses protagonist offers some very slow moves that can be overturned easily. Watch out against characters like Fox or Pit as they can deflect the arrow with ease. There’s a lot of wind up with the arrow, and Byleth can be easily locked in without the option of stopping the attack. Make sure it’s safe to use the bow and arrow before committing.

The plunge of the axe can be a very attractive move to use as it provides a massive amount of damage. Once again, there’s a long wind up to use the attack, so make sure you’re absolutely certain it will work. The axe attack is a great overhead that can overrule an opponent’s attack but watch out! It can be interrupted with a grab. By the way, you can trick your opponent by switching the direction of the attack mid-swing.

While the other weapons are tricky to use, the side-B with the lance is a non-committal way to deal an easy 20 damage to the opponent. It is also a great way to keep Byleth in the air for a few seconds off-stage; you throw off your opponent and keep Byleth in the air for a few seconds to compose themself.

Up-A is a cheeky way to deal some extra damage to opponents who diagonally above you, but more importantly, the whip can easily hoist Byleth up to the ledge. Just be careful of a quick character like Marth from spiking you into the sidewall. Slip out of this position to avoid an unexpected downfall.


Byleth is a great character in the right hands. Their A attacks with the lance are supremely useful as it’s a great poking tool. However, the B attacks are less effective with slow and dangerous methods of approaching the opponent. If you can get a hit though, the risk can be worth it! With this knowledge, you can teach your Byleth amiibo all these tricks this March!

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