Surviving The Aftermath Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

So that post-apocalyptic city-building simulation from Iceflake Studios is getting a surprise Switch release. That’s the news coming from the latest (and last) Nintendo Direct Mini Partners Showcase that surprise dropped today. Along with larger reveals for Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity and No More Heroes, Iceflake decided to announce they’re going to port their strategy/survival game to the Switch.

Surviving the Aftermath just got released on Steam Early Access last week after spending most of a year in a closed beta. It’s been receiving monthly updates that have fleshed the game out to the point where it’s almost done, but it’s still missing a few key components (like an endgame, for example).

Iceflake hasn’t started the porting process for the Nintendo Switch, so the footage shown at today’s Nintendo Direct is just stuff from the Early Access PC release. Recommended PC specs aren’t particularly high, so we’ve no doubt that the Switch can run Surviving the Aftermath with just a few minor tweaks.

For those who missed our preview, Surviving the Aftermath takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, and for once it’s not Zombies that’ve done us all in. Whether it be an environmental disaster, war, or something we haven’t even considered, the world as we know it is gone and those left behind are just looking to survive.

To do that, they’ll band together to form colonies. Farming, exploration, security, and power are all something that players will need to consider as they plan out their post-apocalyptic metropolis. There are 61 unique buildings to build, six different biomes to try, and over 80 unique “Specialists” to help your colony survive against all odds.

The most recent update added a whole new Quest system to Surviving the Aftermath. Different from Events, which take place inside the colony, Quests have the player send Specialists to investigate locations on the world map. This might be to explore some old-world tech or to meet some strange rival colonists. Quests are multi-phase adventures that add an element of storytelling to every playthrough.

November’s update will add something called “The Homestead,” while December will add Surviving the Aftermath’s end-game. After that, Iceflake will likely change gears to get things ready for a Switch release later in the spring.

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