Sweet Anita Says People "Don’t Know What Consent Means" Amidst Deepfake Scandal

Sweet Anita, one of the streamers who had her image used on an infamous deepfake pornography site, has spoken out about the objectivation of female content creators. This comes as the issue is brought to widespread attention after fellow streamer Atrioc admitted to viewing deepfake adult content of other content creators.

In an interview following the controversy, Sweet Anita says that online culture needs to change. She also says that in the aftermath of the Atrioc scandal, many online proved that they "don't know what consent means" and feel "entitled" to streamers' bodies.

Speaking to UK outlet ITV News, Sweet Anita compares the deepfake pornography inadvertently promoted on Atrioc's stream to revenge porn. "No one will necessarily look into or research whether I made this content or not, they'll just see my face in porn," says Sweet Anita. "You're seeing yourself do things that personally, I would never do."

While the law is still catching up on this issue, Sweet Anita feels that making this content illegal won't be enough to stop it. She instead shares that the main concern is that there are those online who want to see content creators "suffer", and are willing to view sexual content made without their consent.

On top of this, she says there is an issue with audiences considering women they view as "being sexual" online as consenting to this deepfake material. "Right now we're seeing, resoundingly, that a lot of people don't know what consent means."

To address this, she says that she wants these online abusers to be "terrified" to create deepfake pornography, with measures put in place to stop them from profiting from it.

Since the initial controversy, the website Atrioc showed on stream has shut down. This was after it became clear that legal action would be taken, with another affected streamer, QTCinderella, saying she would sue the host of this material.

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