Synth Riders Coming To PSVR On July 27

One of the most popular and longstanding VR rhythm games, Synth Riders, is coming to PlayStation VR on July 27.

Synth Riders is a rhythm VR game that released in 2018 for PC VR, before making it’s over to Oculus Quest at the headset’s launch in mid-2019. Since then, developer Kluge Interactive has significantly expanded and updated the game with new features and content across all platforms, including multiplayer game modes, fitness-focused tracks and collaborations with other rhythm games like OhShape.

The PSVR version of the game will benefit from the past three years of content updates and DLC releases. Everything that’s been released progressively on other platforms since the game’s launch will be available immediately on PSVR, including 55 free tracks and 20 available for purchase. This includes the DLC tracks from artists like Muse and The Offspring — the latest in a string of new DLC packs that aim to bring more well-known artists to Synth Riders, no doubt to compete with rival rhythm game Beat Saber’s artist-led release strategy.

It’s been a big week for Synth Riders, with the news arriving just a few days ago that the game would receive 120Hz support on Oculus Quest 2, making it the latest game to join a growing list of titles that support the high refresh rate on Facebook’s standalone headset.

Kluge Interactive is also running a competition ahead of the PSVR launch — users that sign up to receive a one-time only launch reminder will also go into the draw to win the “Complete Music Pack” DLC bundle for the game on release.

Synth Riders launches July 27 on PSVR and is available now on PC VR via the Oculus Store and Steam and Oculus Quest via the Oculus Store.

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