Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Chapter 3 Neutral Route Walkthrough

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  • Story Battle: Almorica Castle
  • Story Battle: Boed Fortress
  • Story Battle: Tynemouth Hill
  • Optional Battle: Qadriga Fortress
  • Story Battle: Port Asyton
  • Story Battle: Mount Hedon
  • Story Battle: Hagia Banhamuba
  • Story Battle: Ndamsa Fortress
  • Story Battle: Coritanae Keep
  • Story Battle: Mount Weobry
  • Story Battle: The Arkhaiopolis Of Rhime
  • Story Battle: Phidoch Castle

Agreeing to join up with Leonar at the end of the Chaos route's version of Chapter 2 will lead to this version of Chapter 3 in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. This is also known as the Neutral route, as it straddles the line between Law and Chaos.

There are quite a few quirky battles in this route. We start off with an execution, get to loads of recruitment, and then experience a string of protracted battles against the undead forces of an old enemy, Nybeth himself.

Story Battle: Almorica Castle

EnemiesLeader: Hektor (Knight)
2x Warrior, 1x Berserker, 1x Archer, 1x Terror Knight, 1x Enchantress, 1x Cleric
Deployment4 Units
GuestsLeonar (Knight), 2x Warrior, 2x Archer, 1x Knight
Victory ConditionDefeat Hektor
Bonus ObjectivesPerform an attack with 100% accuracyEXP +800
Obtain a buff cardSilver Oberyth x10
Perform an attack that strikes multiple timesDark Charm x1
Difficulty★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

This battle is as close to a gimmick battle as Tactics Ogre gets.

  • Hektor is the only unit you could consider a threat here, but he and his troops are severely outnumbered. Just focus him down.

After the battle, try to move anywhere else to see a scene with Warren and Mirdyn. Mirdyn will join your party afterward, and you'll get some White Knight Classmarks to boot. Boed Fortress is your next destination.

Story Battle: Boed Fortress

EnemiesLeader: Oz (Knight Commander)
10x Templar
Deployment10 Units
Victory ConditionDefeat Oz
Bonus ObjectivesPerform an attack with 100% accuracyExperience Charm III x5
Obtain a buff cardThunderflare II x1
Perform an action to restore an ally's HPEXP +800
Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

If you want to recruit Cerya, she must survive this fight.

Almorica was just a warm-up for this fight.

  • Cerya begins this battle in severe danger. She starts Leadened and is surrounded by foes. You'll want to bring multiple healers to keep her healthy and be prepared to use the Chariot to avoid nasty critical hits and the like.
    • Have multiple healing methods for the best chances of success. Healing spells don't heal much without Mother's Mercy but can be cast at any height, and Lobber can help more potent healing items surmount height differences. Bring both.
  • Examining the Templars will let you know generally what 'type' of unit they are – they fall into general class lines. Defeat those with healing spells first.
  • Oz is a nasty leader to face, especially being so surrounded by his subordinates. It'll be tempting to send a strike team of winged units up to face him – resist the urge to do this; he's very bulky and will just knock them down. Apart from healing Cerya, take this battle slow and steady.
  • Area of effect spells will be good here; bring a few spellcasters. Conversely, Archers aren't very good here, so avoid them.
  • After the battle, return to Almorica Castle to progress the story. The next destination in red is Port Asyton, but you'll get ambushed at Tynemouth Hill beforehand, so be prepared.

    Story Battle: Tynemouth Hill

    EnemiesLeader: Ganpp (Beast Tamer)
    2x Gryphon, 2x Cockatrice, 2x Juggernaut, 2x Wizard, 1x Hoplite, 1x Cleric
    Deployment10 Units
    Victory ConditionDefeat Ganpp
    Bonus ObjectivesPerform an attack that strikes multiple tilesAir Charm x1
    Obtain a buff cardEXP +800
    Perform an action to debuff an enemyDexterity Charm x3
    Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

    A rematch with Ganpp and his beasties! Be wary, though.

    • Unlike the battle with Ganpp in Chapter 1, defeating any of his four monsters in this battle will enrage the Beast Tamer. He will heal himself and apply a nasty debuff to your entire team for every monster you beat, so the best way to take this battle is to ignore them completely and head straight for Ganpp.
    • Having Resist Petrify on your important units is a good idea here – Cockatrices love to Petrify your troops.
    • Taking out the Wizards is a good idea if it'll help you take on Ganpp with more security.
    • You only have to get Ganpp to low HP to end the fight. Use Finishing Moves with impunity and it shouldn't take long.

    Before continuing on to Port Asyton, go south to Krysaro to view a cutscene with Leonar. After this, there's an optional battle at Qadriga Fortress in which you can recruit some new characters.

    Optional Battle: Qadriga Fortress

    EnemiesLeader: Botis (Wizard)
    4x Cockatrice, 3x Terror Knight, 2x Beast Tamer, 1x Rogue, 1x Familiar
    Deployment8 Units
    GuestsPhaesta, Tamuz, Chamos
    Victory ConditionDefeat Botis
    Bonus ObjectivesPerform an action to restore an ally's HPEXP +800
    Perform an attack with 100% accuracyExperience Charm III x5
    Obtain a buff cardAvoidance Charm x3
    Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

    This battle starts with some guests already incapacitated, and it's a race against the clock as a result.

    • Having a fast Winged unit, likely Canopus, will be pretty crucial to reviving Chamos, the Wizard at the other end of the map. Phaesta and Tamuz are easier to reach. Revive them as soon as you possibly can though, as adding more bodies to your side will help turn the fight to your favor.
    • You don't necessarily have to revive the guests – as long as you finish the fight before their timers run out, they'll survive. Botis is a fragile Wizard, so with the right strategy, you may be able to accomplish this.
    • Resist Petrify is as useful here as it was in the previous fight – four Cockatrices means a ton of Petro Breath.

    Once you finish this fight, you'll recruit the three guests as long as they survived. Phaesta is a Valkyrie, Tamuz is a Knight, and Chamos is a Wizard. They're all decent.

    More importantly, you'll also get a cutscene in which you meet Hobyrim. Choose the first choice twice when prompted to recruit him. He's an excellent Swordmaster.

    Story Battle: Port Asyton

    Enemies4x Warrior, 2x Wizard, 1x Cleric, 1x Archer, 1x Knight, 1x Juggernaut, 1x Cloud Dragon
    Deployment10 Units
    GuestsOelias, Dievold
    Victory ConditionDefeat all enemies
    Bonus ObjectivesWin with a Cleric in the battle partyEXP +800
    Perform an action to exorcise an undead enemyEarth Charm x1
    Obtain a buff cardCutlass x1
    Difficulty★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

    Oelias and Dievold must survive this battle if you want to recruit them.

    • While she's a Cleric, Oelias shouldn't have any trouble surviving long enough for you to get to her. She can heal herself, naturally, and will contribute a lot to the fight by exorcising enemies.
    • Bring along quite a lot of exorcism power with you – you can severely reduce how annoying this fight is by obliterating as many of the already-stilled units as you can.
    • A Dragoon with Dragonslayer will make short work of the Cloud Dragon and is worth bringing along even if the Dragon would only ever be at half-health. That's still a lot of health.

    All in all, this isn't a tough battle. It's far easier here than it was in other versions of the game.

    After the battle, let Oelias and Dievold join you – they're pretty good for a Cleric and Terror Knight.

    Story Battle: Mount Hedon

    EnemiesLeader: Cassandra (Necromancer)
    2x Flame Dragon, 1x Familiar, 1x Rogue, 1x Juggernaut, 1x Hoplite, 1x Terror Knight, 1x Warrior, 1x Wizard
    Deployment8 Units
    Victory ConditionDefeat Cassandra
    Bonus ObjectivesWin with a Cleric in the battle partyEXP +800
    Perform an action to exorcise an undead enemyWater Charm x1
    Knock back an enemyCutlass x1
    Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

    This is the first of three battles against a family of necromancers.

    • Again, you have some stilled undead here that you can take care of before they wake up if you're quick with the exorcism. Try to go for the Dragons if you can, to cut down on annoyance.
    • Cassandra's spells will deal a ton of damage, but she's rather fragile herself. This can be a very quick battle if you go for her and her alone.
    • Winged and floating units (e.g. Ghosts) would be good here, thanks to the tricky terrain.
    • Don't spend too much time mopping up units, Necromancers will summon more enemies when they start running out of subordinates.

    All in all, not a terrible fight.

    Story Battle: Hagia Banhamuba

    EnemiesLeader: Cressida (Necromancer)
    2x Familiar, 2x Cyclops, 2x Warrior, 2x Wizard, 1x Rogue
    Deployment8 Units
    Victory ConditionDefeat Cressida
    Bonus ObjectivesObtain a buff cardDust Orb x1
    Perform an action to exorcise an undead enemyFire Charm x1
    Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

    Cressida, who you can actually recruit if you go for the pure Chaos path, makes for another mean necromancer.

    • The enemies here aren't too tough. Note the Ghosts to the sides of your starting location, however – try to deal with them quickly with exorcism to prevent getting surrounded by tough magic spells.
    • Be wary of the chasms here – if knocked into the chasm, a unit dies instantly. Place your units away from ledges entirely to completely avoid this likelihood – you can always use the Chariot Tarot to turn back time if the worst happens, but it's annoying.
    • Again, Cressida makes for a fragile leader. One or two Finishing Moves will take her down cleanly. Don't bother trying to prolong the battle, she can just summon more units.

    Story Battle: Ndamsa Fortress

    EnemiesLeader: Nybeth (Necromancer)
    Gildas (Death Knight), 2x Archer, 2x Terror Knight, 2x Wizard, 1x Berserker, 1x Rune Fencer, 1x Knight
    Deployment8 Units
    Victory ConditionDefeat Nybeth
    Bonus ObjectivesWin with a Cleric in the battle partyEXP +800
    Perform an action to exorcise an undead enemyIce Charm x1
    Obtain a buff cardComposite Bow x1
    Difficulty★★★★☆ (4/5)

    Notably, there's some infighting on this map. Looks like some of Nybeth's creations aren't too happy about their new existence.

    • Nybeth and Gildas are the big threats on this map. You'll want to save your Finishing Moves for dealing with them as soon as you can. Gildas won't deal terrible amounts of damage, but he's a very defensive unit that can be more trouble than he's worth.
    • Again, exorcism wins the day, and you shouldn't prolong the battle. Nybeth will summon powerful units, including annoying Dragons, if he notices that his forces are getting whittled down.

    Go to Almorica once you come out on top here to progress the story.

    Story Battle: Coritanae Keep

    Stronghold Battle: The Gates Of Coritanae

    EnemiesLeader: Gildora (Witch)
    2x Terror Knight, 2x Archer, 2x Wizard, 1x Ninja, 1x Valkyrie, 1x Berserk, 1x Thunder Dragon, 1x Knight, 1x Cleric
    Deployment12 Units
    Victory ConditionDefeat Gildora
    Bonus ObjectivesWin with an Archer in the battle partyEXP +800
    Obtain a buff cardCataract Orb x1
    Difficulty★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

    Avoid splitting your party here! That's the last thing you should do.

    • Send all of your units to the right, leaving behind maybe one or two tanky units that will serve as a distraction for the main forces. Use the units moving to the right to move over the bridge and surround Gildora before she can get backed up.
    • If you can comfortably get past the Terror Knight, all the better, but consider getting him out of the way early on so you don't have to deal with many Frightened units.
    • The Enchantress and Ninja are threats – take them out if you can't easily burst Gildora down with Finishing Moves. It'll make your life that much easier.

    With that done, it's time for the second stage of this stronghold.

    Stronghold Battle: Coritanae Ward

    EnemiesLeader: Xaebos (Knight)
    2x Terror Knight, 2x Dragoon, 2x Archer, 2x Wizard, 2x Cleric, 2x Warrior
    Deployment12 Units
    Victory ConditionDefeat Xaebos
    Bonus ObjectivesWin with an Archer in the battle partyEXP +800
    Win with a Knight in the battle partyLightning Charm x1
    Obtain a buff cardClaymore x1
    Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

    The enemy team for this fight is very balanced.

    • Xaebos is a powerful boss with two attack buffs and two MP generation buffs, so he'll be able to throw out Rending Gales and Vile Wounds with impunity. When he's not doing that, he might try to disrupt your movement with a Rampart Shadow, but this isn't too bad – it's a turn he isn't putting damage out.
    • Status effects aren't too useful for most of this fight – both Clerics have Ease and they'll use it on anyone they want to heal.
    • Clumping together isn't a great idea – this battlefield is cramped, and the Wizard and Enchantress will take advantage of this with their area of effect spells.
      • Use your own area of effect spells to really put the hurt on enemies who clump together, though!
    • Both Dragoons have Dragonslayer but not Beastslayer. If you're a fan of using bulky monsters with Rampart Aura, you're better off with Golems in this fight.
    • This battle doesn't have too many tricks up its sleeve, but can be tricky. It can feel like a battle of attrition on an unfair battleground thanks to the bridge in the middle – use Rampart Auras and ranged fighters to the sides to come out on top.

      Story Battle: Mount Weobry

      Enemies2x Knight, 1x Hoplite, 1x Patriarch, 1x Juggernaut, 1x Clay Golem, 1x Stone Golem, 1x Flame Dragon, 1x Earth Dragon, 1x Dark Dragon, 1x Enchantress, 1x Warrior, 1x Gryphon
      Deployment12 Units
      Victory ConditionDefeat all enemies
      Bonus ObjectivesWin with a Cleric in the battle partyEXP +800
      Perform an action to exorcise an undead enemyLight Charm x1
      Obtain a buff cardJudgement II x1
      Difficulty★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

      Something you'll notice early on in this fight is that there are actually two different enemy teams here, and they will fight each other. The Lizardmen and Golems are on one team, with everything else on the other.

      • The Golems will annoyingly block the way to the second part of the battlefield. Take them down first.
      • Be careful when standing next to an edge; getting knocked into the abyss is instant death – have the Chariot function ready to rescue any unfortunate falls.
      • The big threats here are the Dark Dragon and the Gryphon. Consider recruiting them, they're great beasties to have around.

      As long as your placement isn't too rough and you have some exorcism methods handy to deal with Skeletons, you should be golden.

      Story Battle: The Arkhaiopolis Of Rhime

      Enemies2x Archer, 2x Cleric, 2x Beast Tamer, 1x Knight, 1x Wizard, 1x Terror Knight, 1x Valkyrie, 1x Frost Dragon, 1x Arc Dragon
      Deployment10 Units
      Victory ConditionDefeat all enemies
      Bonus ObjectivesWin with a Dragoon in the battle partyEXP +800
      Use a recruit skillRadiant Orb x1
      Obtain a buff cardIntelligence Charm x3
      Difficulty★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

      Luckily, we don't end up fighting Ozma here. She's a tough cookie.

      • The Beast Tamers here have the Lobber skill and some healing items, making them quite annoying when you're trying to finish off weak enemies. Take them out with as much priority as you'd allocate to the Clerics.
      • Other priorities here are the Terror Knight and the Dragons. Bring a Dragoon along with Dragonslayer to make short work of the latter.

      All in all, this is an easy fight. You should be able to mop it up without much fanfare. After this battle, witness the scene and then head back to Almorica for more. It's time to take Phidoch Castle.

      Story Battle: Phidoch Castle

      You get to choose which side of Phidoch Castle you tackle from, the West Curtain Wall or the South Curtain Wall. The former has a great deal of Golems to take on, and the latter has powerful spell casters and an abundance of Clerics. The latter is likely the easiest.

      Stronghold Battle: Phidoch West Curtain Wall

      EnemiesLeader: Mercure (Swordmaster)
      2x Iron Golem, 2x Stone Golem, 2x Berserker, 2x Archer, 1x Warlock, 1x Wizard, 1x Terror Knight, 1x Cleric
      Deployment12 Units
      Victory ConditionDefeat Mercure
      Bonus ObjectivesObtain a buff cardGloom Orb x1
      Perform an action to debuff an enemyEXP +800
      Difficulty★★★☆☆ (3/5)

      This can be a pretty long fight if you're not prepared for how much bulk they throw at you.

      • The Golems can hit hard against your squishier units and will survive long enough to make it to your back ranks if you don't focus them down. Spend Finishing Moves on them when you can.
      • Be wary of the Terror Knight off to the side. He's in the perfect location to flank your team as they're dealing with the Golems, and loves to activate Pincer Attacks.
      • The Berserkers are also tough cookies, you'll want to do everything you can to take them down before Berserk cleaves up your party.
      • Mercure himself is also a formidable opponent, but by the time you get to him, you should have regrouped after wiping out the ground units and he'll go down easy.

      The main problems here can be solved by paying close attention to your HP and being liberal with healing items.

      Stronghold Battle: Phidoch South Curtain Wall

      EnemiesLeader: Vestiarri (Enchantress)
      3x Cleric, 3x Archer, 2x Knight, 1x Warlock, 1x Beast Tamer, 1x Thunder Dragon, 1x Flood Dragon
      Deployment12 Units
      Victory ConditionDefeat Vestiarri
      Bonus ObjectivesObtain a buff cardGloom Orb x1
      Win with an Archer in the battle partyEXP +800
      Difficulty★★☆☆☆ (2/5)

      There's quite a balanced enemy party to deal with here, but they aren't too tough.

      • The Dragons are big sacks of HP that will block your advancement up the to the keep, and this will let your enemies hail attacks at you from afar. Bring a Dragoon with Dragonslayer for maximum comfort in dealing with them.
      • Apart from the Knights, you don't have any other bulky enemies in this fight. Physical attackers will have a field day cutting enemies down to size, so it's handy to bring more of them than you usually would.
        • Bring Dynast-King's Mead for the Knights to get them out of the way even quicker. Breached is a fantastic status effect to inflict.
      • Don't neglect your healing just because the enemies are fragile. Vestiarri and her Warlock buddy can and will finish off weakened units with their powerful area of effect spells.
      • Vestiarri should fall quickly once you reach her. She's just an Enchantress, after all.

        No matter which route you chose, you'll get the Codex of Gems for winning.

        Stronghold Battle: Phidoch Great Hall

        EnemiesLeader: Ozma (Knight Commander)
        4x Templar, 2x Archer, 1x Witch, 1x Cleric, 1x Knight, 1x Terror Knight, 1x Beast Tamer, 1x Hydra
        Deployment12 Units
        Victory ConditionDefeat Ozma
        Bonus ObjectivesUse magic to remove a debuffExperience Charm III x5
        Win with an Archer in the battle partyEXP +800
        Win with a Knight in the battle partyMind Charm x3
        Difficulty★★★★★ (5/5)

        Ozma, as I mentioned earlier, is a tough cookie. This makes this the hardest fight of the chapter almost by default.

        • Of the Templars here, one is a Dragoon-type, one is a Warrior-type, and the two at the back are a Cleric and a Wizard. They're all easily taken down before tackling the rabble on the stairs.
        • Be careful taking out the Templars – Ozma will cast magic at any units who get close, and her spells pack a punch. As soon as the Templars are dealt with, move out of range as soon as you can.
          • Take out the Cleric Templar as a point of priority. They're incredibly annoying to have around.
        • Ozma is an aggressive attacker. She won't hold back as much as other bosses in the game. You can use this to your advantage, however – lure her to the ground floor, and you can start unloading Finishing Moves on her without having to deal with her subordinates. Her incredibly high speed will be to her detriment – she'll move straight past her defensive and healing units, putting herself in danger.
          • Ozma's unique Finishing Move will, if it doesn't one-shot your units, inflict the Charm status. Have a Cleric with Awaken around or throw a Stone at afflicted units before they wreak havoc.
          • Other priority units include the Hydra (bring a Dragoon with Dragonslayer), the Beast Tamer (can empower the Dragon and has healing items), and the Witch (will use area spells to finish off weakened units). If an Archer decides to camp out on one of the tall pillars, that's also somewhat problematic. They'll be difficult to reach and will enjoy being able to target most of your units with Tremendous Shot-powered attacks. Take them out with missile attacks and indirect spells.
          • As with most big bosses, inflicting Breached with a Dynast-King's Mead is a great way to increase your damage output.
          • As soon as Ozma goes down, you're home free and ready to tackle Chapter 4.

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