Tails: The Backbone Preludes – How To Carry Out Experiments On The Artifact As Eli

After a few acts of Tails: The Backbone Preludes in which the only interaction you have is choosing different dialogue options, the game throws you a curveball by asking you to get involved with some practical science. Eli's second act has him performing a few experiments on the curious, organic artifact that Jorge found in the first chapter.

While it is not strictly necessary to get everything right when you play through this act, there is an achievement to unlock for conducting each stage of the task correctly. Below, you'll find the quickest, most efficient way to do this, no trial-and-error required.

How To Perform The Experiments Correctly

The first experiment you're tasked with is to change one of the artifact's properties.

  • The artifact begins in a Wet, Liquid, and Relaxed state.
  • Jorge requests that you make the artifact Solid instead of Liquid.

There are three experimental chambers at your disposal – the Temperature Chamber, the Humidity Chamber, and the Chemical Chamber.

  • To make the artifact Solid, take it to the Temperature Chamber.
  • To use the Temperature Chamber, drag the cylinder with the artifact inside to the petri dish on the right. Put the petri dish inside the square hole in the machine.
  • Toggle the second switch down to the right, so that the Freeze controls are activated.
  • Press the blue button underneath.

With that, return to Jorge and report your results and get new instructions.

  • The artifact is currently Wet, Solid, and Relaxed.
  • Jorge requests that you make the artifact Dry, Solid, and Agitated.
  • First, agitate the artifact using the Chemical Chamber. Turn the two valves on the left, starting with the leftmost one.
  • Next, dry out the artifact in the Temperature Chamber by using the top switch.
  • Finally, solidify the artifact in the Humidity Chamber using the bottom dial.

Report your success to Jorge. You'll be given a final set of instructions.

  • The artifact is currently Dry, Solid, and Agitated.
  • Jorge requests that you make the artifact Dry, Liquid, and Agitated.
  • The only step you need to take with this stage is to use the Temperature Chamber to liquefy the artifact using the top switch.

With that final experiment complete, you can return to Jorge and decide what you think you should do about it.

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