Take A Look At 10 Minutes Of Metroid Dread’s Opening

Ten minutes of Samus moving left-to-right, shooting aliens, and jumping across platforms has been unveiled at Nintendo Direct Treehouse. You can watch it right now to get a glimpse at what Metroid Dread will be like when it launches on October 8, 2021.

The free aim mechanic has made a comeback from Metroid Samus Returns. When an enemy is highlighted, there’ll be a beeping noise to indicate as much. Meanwhile, there are now stations that you can replenish health on your journey and even explosive crates.

It’s the first new 2D Metroid game in 19 years, so there’s been a lot of streamlining and refinement, learning from the leaps that the genre has made in that near-two-decade leap. I’m 20, so the last game came out when I was around one year old. That really puts the gap into perspective.

Something else that was shown off is stunning. Enemies drop loot and when you manage to stun one, even more goodies will bleed from their explosive demise. There’s also melee damage and even a counter-attack that you can do with your up-close-and-personal weapon. As for the map, it’s been expanded a touch, with hidden loot being highlighted while you can also place markers in a variety of colors from red to pink to light blue.

The aforementioned counters come when enemies grab you, shifting to a much closer perspective than the otherwise 2D sidescroller. Here, if you press ‘X’ at the “exact moment of the flash,” you’ll counter. You can then slide under enemies while they’re stunned or make a break for it and run.

The UI meanwhile has the ammo counter placed in the top left while the minimap is on display at the top right. There are also cutscenes that break up the gameplay, offering a more immersive, 3D insight into Samus’ story. However, these cutscenes are lead into seamlessly.

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