Taron Egerton Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Image From The Tetris Movie

The Tetris movie has begun filming in Glasgow, Scotland, and while the bustling city is not under attack by giant blocks, it will be home to an intriguing legal battle. Welsh actor Taron Egerton shared our first look at his character – the Dutch entrepreneur Henk Rogers.

Egerton shared a behind-the-scenes photo with his Instagram followers showing off his on-screen look as Rogers. Wearing a shirt and tie – with a white vest underneath – Egerton captioned the post with “Felt Sexy. Might delete later.” He tagged the Tetris movie and Apple as well as German cinematographer Alwin Küchler for taking the photo. This suggests that Küchler is also part of the project, filling the role of cinematographer that is currently unspecified.

Helmed by Scottish director Jon S. Baird, the Tetris movie will revolve around the exhausting legal battle that took place to gain ownership over the tile-matching game that took the world by storm. Egerton’s Rogers will be joined by British businessmen Robert and Kevin Maxwell, and the game’s Russian creator Alexey Pajitnov – all of which have yet to be cast. Baird’s narrative will focus on Roger as he represents Pajitnov in a fight to give him rights to his own game. Robert and Kevin Maxwell essentially saw the game grow to its lucrative potential, however Pajitnov didn’t see a dime of royalties.

The movie will be set in the ‘80s – when one of the most addictive games of all time was created – and has begun filming in the older parts of Glasgow, including Trongate, Govan, and Yorkhill. Screenwriter Noah Pink is penning the script, who previously developed the Albert Einstein biopic show Genius for National Geographic. Matthew Vaughn’s Marv Films will be producing and financing Baird’s project, and Vaughn has worked with Egerton before on the acclaimed Kingsman movies. The Tetris movie also found its platform in Apple TV Plus, joining a host of original material including M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant.

The latest variant of Tetris – Tetris 99 – previously welcomed a Super Mario All-Stars themed Maximus Cup, which honored the Super Mario games previously released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 also released recently with a brand new story mode and additional characters.

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