Teamfight Tactics heads to mobile on March 19

Riot Games announced today that the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics will launch for Android and iOS on March 19.

Teamfight Tactics is an auto battler based on Riot Games hit MOBA, League of Legends. In fact, it debuted as a mode for the PC game in June, and it has attracted about 80 million players. Just like with League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics is free-to-play.

This will be Riot Games’ first mobile release. The company had focused on nothing but League of Legends for years, but it is now branching out to new genres and platforms. It is also working on a team-based shooter, Valorant.

The auto battler has become a big emerging genre, thanks originally to the mod Dota Auto Chess. That has since become a standalone game, which is also on mobile. Other companies, like Riot, have since entered the space. Blizzard also took the auto battler format to create a new mode, Battlegrounds, for its hit digital card game Hearthstone.

Teamfight Tactics on mobile will feature crossplay with the PC version. It will also feature a new player tutorial.

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