Tears Of The Kingdom Has The Biggest File Size Of Any First-Party Switch Game

At 18GB, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has stolen Bayonetta 3's crown for having the largest file size of any first-party Switch game.

Just a few days ago, Nintendo shared our best look yet at Tears of the Kingdom with a two-minute trailer that gave us a better look at everything new that's coming to Hyrule, including shield grinding and driveable cars that put Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts to shame. After the Direct, pre-orders for Tears of the Kingdom went live on the Nintendo Store, giving us a little bit more news in the process.

As reported by Nintendo Life, the information shared about Tears of the Kingdom on the Nintendo Store tells us that it's now the biggest first-party Switch game, at least in regard to file size. According to the game's page on the store, Tears of the Kingdom will take up 18.2GB overall, making it the Switch's biggest first-party game so far. If Tears of the Kingdom is supported with DLC and updates like Breath of the Wild was, that's likely to hit 20 at some point.

The previous record-holder was Bayonetta 3, which clocked in at 16GB overall. Another notable Switch first-party title that took up a lot of space is Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which clocks in at 14GB As you'd expect, Breath of the Wild was another previous record-holder, clocking in at 13.4GB overall. Considering how much was packed into those 13 gigabytes, it's likely that Tears of the Kingdom is going to pack a lot into that extra five.

Tears of the Kingdom might be about to become the biggest first-party Switch game, but there are plenty of third-party games that are more than 18GB. Some of the main examples are ports like LA Noire, which clocks in at 27.5GB, The Witcher 3 at 31.5GB, the Doom Slayers Collection at a surprisingly high 32.3GB, Mortal Kombat 11 at 32.5GB, and, as the current biggest third-party game on the Switch, NBA 2K22 at 46GB.

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