TERA Will Come To An End In Japan

The official Japanese Twitter account for TERA has announced that the long-running MMORPG is ending its run in Japan. The country's server is scheduled to close its doors on April 20.

According to Famitsu, even though TERA's service in Japan coming to an end in three months, it will still receive Patch 114 as its last update. Patch 114 will add a new main quest, dungeon, and loads of other new equipment to the game, as well as a "change of job" feature that allows skill changes in the Slayer and Archer classes for Japanese players to enjoy until the plug is officially pulled. This patch was already added to the Korean version of the game, considering that's where it originated.

As for why TERA's servers are being shut down in Japan, developers at GameOn Co. Ltd. said the following. "We have held close discussions with Bluehole Studio and decided that it will be difficult to provide a service that will satisfy our customers in the future, so we decided to terminate the service."

Once the service has been terminated, every official Japanese social media account for TERA will be deleted, including Twitter, LINE, Discord, and YouTube. Japanese users also won't be getting any refunds on the premium currency JEWEL.

There are some other steps GameOn Co. will take to ease the shutdown. While it gave Japanese users the heads-up on Wednesday that TERA was shutting down, they will start receiving additional notifications on March 9. On that date, some items they have in their possession will no longer be usable, and eligible players will be gifted some Pmang mileage points.

As of this writing, the closure of TERA's server only affects players in Japan. It is unknown if TERA is scheduled to be shut down in other countries.

TERA originally launched in South Korea in 2011. It was the first game to introduce a non-targeting battle system, also known as the real-time battle system, which involves targeting an enemy with a crosshair cursor rather than just clicking on or tabbing an individual opponent. Like most other MMOs, such as Fortnite, it features crafting and PvP combat.

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