Teslagrad 2 To Launch In Spring 2023

The sequel to indie darling Teslagrad was shown off during the Future Games Show, as developer Rain Games has announced that Teslagrad 2 will launch at some point in Spring 2023.

The game's new trailer starts out with a young woman waking up after crashing what appears to be a hot air balloon. She then travels into the forest alone and falls into a cave, evading a snarling beast by locking it behind a door. The trailer then shows off some more fast-paced gameplay, as the woman uses an ancient power to zip through powerlines to help her platform across large gaps. She can also use her powers to quickly slide up walls and across the floor.

While we don't get much information about the story from the trailer itself, GamesRadar has revealed that the woman's name is Lumina and she's stranded in a dangerous land called Wyrmheim. It's up to you to get her home safely using a variety of different skills including ones from the first game as well as some new ones introduced in Teslagrad 2.

In case you missed the game's initial announcement, Teslagrad 2 was first revealed way back in 2020 by Rain Games studio head Peter W. Meldahl, who said that an idea for a sequel has been "rattling at the back of [his] mind for 6 years." The game is an exploration-based Metroidvania that tasks players with using gravity-based powers to traverse tricky platforming sections and tense combat encounters.

Unfortunately, we don't get a specific release date for Teslgrad 2, but it is expected to launch at some point in Spring 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Teslagrad 2 wasn't the only interesting indie announced during Future Games Show, as it also featured an adorable stealth-action game called Snaccoon that lets you cause mischief as a raccoon, and a base-building sequel to Falconeer called Bulwark that will let players create intricately detailed cities.

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