Tfue Returning To Destiny For Trials This Week

Tfue will return to Destiny 2 for the upcoming PvP-focused Trials of Osiris later this week.

Season of the Worthy arrives in Destiny 2 today, bringing with it a bunch of new content. There will be new weapons and armor, a brand new seasonal artifact, a battle pass with a new Exotic weapon, and new PvE Public Events. However, while Destiny 2 has always catered to the casual gamer crowd, this season will be a little different.

The Trials of Osiris are coming back.

The PvP-centric game mode returns from Destiny 1 as the most intense way to murder your fellow Guardians. Teams of three go head to head for fame, glory, and unique loot. Getting multiple wins in a row will provide players with the most prestigious armor possible, and “going perfect” will cause that armor to glow.

Trials of Osiris has always brought out the best players to duke it out for bragging rights, and it seems to even be bringing some players out of retirement.

Tfue announced his retirement from Destiny 2 way back in 2016 when Fortnite was really taking off. He’s made quite the name for himself on Epic’s builder/shooter, but it looks like the promise of Trials was enough to get Tfue to come back.

“I haven’t played Destiny in years, bro,” said Tfue during his March 9 stream. He logged on to Destiny 2 with his old loadout to get ready for Trials, playing a few Rumble matches as a warmup. He had a lot of complaints about Destiny 2’s gunplay (and had especially unkind words for shotgun players), but he eventually got his groove back after a few early losses.

Tfue still has a few days to practice. Trials of Osiris doesn’t return until this Friday, and after that, it’s expected to remain available for all future seasons of Destiny 2. That’s a good thing, considering how long it will take most players to gather up consecutive wins.

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