The 10 Best Armors In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ever since the Assassin’s Creed franchise took a turn into RPG territory, armor and weapons have taken an even more important role than in early games. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is no exception. In fact, armor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is critical to a player’s success.

Due to the different play styles that players can have, finding the right armor can make all the difference to a player. Each armor in Valhalla comes with its own buffs that are meant to support the player and the way they play. Generally, these buffs fall under stealth, melee, or ranged damage, and they can range from common armor sets to legendary. For those wondering which is best, here’s some insight into the armors of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

10 Magister’s Armor Set

The Magister’s Armor set is unfortunately perfect for this bottom spot despite how badass it might look. The reason? It’s most valuable buff is only available at night.

The Magister Armor’s melee damage increase is its biggest buff for players looking for a more melee-centric armor in the early game. But because it is only available at night, it’s basically asking players to speed around enemies during the day.  And though it does have a buff to ranged damage, the armor simply isn’t worth the effort to complete the set with the conditional melee buff. It’s a mystery as to why this is a buff in the first place.

9 Raven Clan Armor Set

The Raven Clan Armor set is perfect for players looking to find early game armor that offers great general perks. Where others have specialized perks, like those focusing on stealth or melee damage, this armor set centers around increasing a player’s defense.

It’s most beneficial buff is that when a player’s health lowers, their armor increases. This is great for the early game as players are still figuring out the combat. The second buff of increasing critical chance is just the icing on top as it offers a chance to deal more damage. Level it up enough and not only will it be a viable choice for the end game, but also a great investment for everything in between.

8 Hunstman Armor Set

The Huntsman Armor set falls under the Way of the Wolf and can be found early in-game just like the Raven Clan Armor. The one major difference between it and the Raven Clan set, however, is that it is ideal for ranged players.

Its perks include increasing ranged damage from twenty meters and further and an increase in speed. This is ideal for players who would rather wield a bow from afar rather than try their chances for a more personal approach.

7 Galloglach Armor Set

This is perhaps the first serious melee armor set for players looking to support their melee-centric play style. However, it is one of those armors that sounds better than it actually is.

This armor increases melee resistance when hitting enemies with finishers and grants an additional increase to melee damage. While the increase to melee damage might be nice, the fact that its other buff is centered around the chance the player gets a finisher makes it unreliable. The armor depends too much on chance to be especially useful, but its increase in melee damage and its heavy resistance makes it ideal for players who want to brawl with their enemies.

6 Hidden Ones’ Armor Set

The Hidden Ones’ Armor set is a homage to the original Assassin’s Creed games and the typical armor they would have worn. As players can guess, its buffs include increased assassination damage when crouched and undetected for ten seconds and an increase to headshot damage.

This armor is a little harder to obtain as players will have to venture to all the Hidden Ones’ bureaus in England.  However, it is the ideal armor for those wishing for a complete stealth experience in their Assassin’s Creed game.

5 Berserker Armor Set

The Berserker Armor might be one of the coolest looking armors in the game if only for the fact that players get to wear a giant bear’s head as a helm. That its buffs include an increase to speed until you heal and an increase to attack and armor, it appears there are no downsides to this armor.

‘Appears’ being the keyword here, of course. The only flaw to the Berserker Armor — and the reason it does not appear higher on the list — is the fact that it has to be bought. Players must have either pre-ordered the game’s gold or ultimate edition or paid five dollars in the game store to get the Berserker armor. No matter how good the armor might be, having to buy it is a little much.

4 Thegn’s Armor Set

The Thegn’s Armor set is all about dealing a huge amount of damage through critical hits. These are for the players who want to deal as much damage as they can as quickly as they can.

Its unique buffs include an increased critical chance when parrying and an additional increase to critical damage. This is a lot better than the Galloglach armor in that while it does deal critical damage, it does not rely on chance. And though it slows down players, it is the ideal armor for an extended melee battle in any quest.

3 Mentor’s Armor Set

The Mentor’s Armor set is another homage to the traditional Assassin’s Creed armor in Valhalla, but it doesn’t focus on assassination as the Hidden Ones’ armor does. Instead, it focuses on quick attacks and even quicker retreats.

As it increases attack after critical hits and an additional increase to the player’s speed, this armor is perfect for players to ambush foes and quickly escape to plan another ambush. While this playstyle might not be perfect for everyone, the fact that this armor looks amazing and is easy to find cements its place on the list.

2 Thor’s Armor Set

While many would think Thor’s Armor set would be number one on the list, the fact that it’s so hard to obtain makes it an easy number two. Like the great thunder god himself, any who wear Thor’s armor are setting themselves up for success if they are going for a melee build.

More specifically, this armor is perfect for those wishing to wield hammers and shields as it focuses on stunning enemies. Its buffs include an increased speed when stunning an enemy and an increased chance to stun.

1 Brigandine Armor Set

The Brigandine Armor set might be an unlikely number 1, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is the best of all the armors in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. With its crowd control buffs, it’s the most useful melee armor for those looking to leap into the fray.

With buffs including an increased armor when surrounded by two or more enemies and an increase to melee damage, this armor is just asking for players to get into a fight. Players can easily be as aggressive as they want and know that their chances of victory are higher with this armor on.

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