The 10 Most Valuable Flesh And Blood Cards

While Flesh and Blood doesn't have cards selling for prices comparable to other, more established trading card games like Magic: The Gathering, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and Yu-Gi-Oh, it still can bring in some big money if you have the right ones. With Flesh and Blood being as new on the TCG scene as it is, launched in October 2019, its quite impressive that they already have a few cards that are worth over $1,000.

The market value as listed on TCGplayer is what is used to determine the most valuable Flesh and Blood cards. A snapshot of the prices was taken in May 2022, so it's likely that prices will change but probably not too dramatically. It's also important to note that some First Edition foil cards from sets like Monarch, Crucible of War and other early sets did not have prices listed because of their rarity. On eBay, those cards had large sell ranges and are hard to determine exact values, so the TCGPlayer's pricing was the best standard pricing system available.

10 Rhinar – $350.00

  • Name: Rhinar Rainbow Foil
  • Set: Promotional card
  • Number: HER005
  • Price: $350.00

Unless you bought this card second hand, you need to be a veteran of the Flesh and Blood competitive scene to have Rhinar's Rainbow Foil card in your library. More specifically, you needed to have played in the first season of The Calling to have received this promotional card.

Rhinar has had several iterations in different sets, but the Rhinar Rainbow Foil promotional card is one of the ones worth the most.

9 Go Bananas – $367.00

  • Name: Go Bananas
  • Set: Promotional Card
  • Number: LSS002
  • Price: $367.00

Go Bananas was made specifically for the New Zealand based retailer, Mighty Ape and was given out at promotional events.

This just for fun card is a non-tournament legal promotional card that was released in August 2019. Even though it isn't allowed in your average game, it would make quite the addition to your collection.

8 Ruu'di, Gem Keeper – $499.87

  • Name: Ruu'di, Gem Keeper
  • Set: Promotional Card
  • Number: LSS001
  • Price: $499.87

A lot of the most valuable Flesh and Blood cards are promotional cards from around the time of the game's launch and Ruu'di, Gem Keeper is no exception. This promo card debuted in August 2019, a full two months before the official launch of the TCG.

This just for fun card has unique history and was modeled after Rudy from Alpha Investments, a TCG collector and content creator. The card was used to tease one of the four fable gems and was sold by Rudy to his patreon subscribers as part of a promotion.

7 Rhinar, Reckless Rampage – $749.99

  • Name: Rhinar, Reckless Rampage
  • Set: Promotional Card
  • Number: HER001
  • Price: $749.99

Another Rhinar card makes it on to the list of the most valuable Flesh and Blood cards and this one is also a promotional card. It was released in 2019 as part of the original line of promotional cards that were given out at events leading up to and during the launch of Flesh and Blood.

There are many other versions of this card available in other sets at a much cheaper price.

6 Great Library of Solana – $769.63

  • Name: Great Library of Solana
  • Set: Monarch
  • Number:
  • Price: $769.63

Great Library of Solana originally was printed in the Monarch set, and it is very popular as a collectors card as well as a playable card.

Unlike a lot of cards on this list, Great Library of Solana is great fit for several decks. If you don't want to drop the full $769 on the card, you can pick up a later edition of the card for much cheaper.

5 Twinning Blade (Extended Art) – $1,125.32

  • Name: Twinning Blade (Extended Art)
  • Set: Crucible of War
  • Number:
  • Price: $1,125.32

This extended art First Edition Twinning Blade is one of the few cards that crosses over the $1,000 mark in the world of Flesh and Blood.

The extended art version of the card raises the price by quite a bit, but there are other versions that can pick up for just a few dollars.

4 Skullbone Crosswrap – $1,186.50

  • Name: Skullbone Crosswrap
  • Set: Arcane Striders
  • Number:
  • Price: $1,186.50

Originally printed in Arcane Striders First Edition, Skullbone Crosswrap commands the hefty price tag of $1,186.

The card was printed several other times and can be picked up from later sets for under $40, but if you want the original, you'll need to open up your wallet and dish out some serious cash.

3 Storm Striders – $1,599.99

  • Name: Storm Striders
  • Set: Arcane Striders
  • Number:
  • Price: $1,599.99

Storm Strides is another Arcane Striders First Edition that carries a price tag of over $1,000.

This card is both a fantastic addition to your collection and is a good card to play in some decks. The fact that it is also playable does however mean that even reprints of the card are fetching prices around the $100 mark.

2 Fyendal's Spring Tunic (Rainbow Foil) – $1,980.88

  • Name: Fyendal's Spring Tunic (Rainbow Foil)
  • Set: Promotional Card
  • Number: FAB002
  • Price: $1,980.88

Fyendal's Spring Tunic is a promotional card from the first season of Flesh and Blood's open-entry tournament series, The Calling 2019. This extremely rare card is hard to come by, and its price point definitely reflects that.

Even other versions of this card printed in later sets are worth over $200. So, if you want to add this to your collection, you will need to be willing to drop some cash.

1 Shiyana, Diamond Gemini – $1,999.00

  • Name: Shiyana, Diamond Gemini
  • Set: Crucible of War First Edition
  • Number: CRU097
  • Price: $1,999.00

A First Edition Cold Foil Shiyana, Diamond Gemini reflects its name in its price tag of just under $2,000. If you want a graded version, you're going to have to pay more, but there is also the cheaper option of picking up the card from its Unlimited printing. At $69.99 it's still not cheap, but it could be worthwhile as an addition to your collection.

There are a few other First Edition foil cards that have had some higher sale prices on eBay than this card, but those are few and far between and could be artificially inflated by the seller.

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