The 15 Strongest Normal Pokemon, Ranked

The Normal type in the Pokemon universe has traditionally been regarded as a weak type. A beginner’s type, useful only until you catch something better. This is probably because some of the very first wild Pokemon a trainer will encounter in any game are the weak Normal-type rodents and birds that inhabit early routes. Plus, Normal-type moves aren’t super effective against any Pokemon, and exploiting type match ups is generally how trainers dominate their opponents.

Porygon-2 gets the ability to use an Eviolite to boost its already solid defensive stats to absurd levels, and access to Recover lets it be less reliant on passive recovery like Leftovers. Its offensive movepool is nice, but its supportive movepool is even better and lets it tank efficiently. It isn’t a catch-all Pokemon, but the Duck Tank should be recognized as the powerhouse it is.

11 Staraptor

Staraptor, the final evolution of Sinnoh’s early-game bird, was the first time such a bird found use in high tiers of play. It has great speed and great attack, making it a serious threat against a lot of teams. It also has two fantastic abilities in Intimidate and Reckless, although Reckless is more common.

It doesn’t quite have the deep movepool of other normal Pokemon, but it does boast a solid set of moves to utilize its strengths to their fullest. It even has some utility with Defog, which is something not a lot of offensive Pokemon typically get an option to bring. Staraptor may still be waiting for its green card, but it’ll likely find its way to higher tiers of play once it gets in.

10 Lickilicky

Lickilicky was one of many evolutions for Kanto Pokemon added during Generation IV. Someone took a look at Lickitung and thought, “Yeah, I definitely want more of that,” and so Lickilicky was born. Its saliva can dissolve just about anything and being licked by one causes numbness—presumably because it’s dissolving you too.

Its high stat total leans more toward bulk and defense, and coupled with its few weaknesses due to its pure Normal typing, Lickilicky can take a lot of punishment. It also has a signature move, Wring Out, which is more effective the more HP its opponent has.

9 Obstagoon

Obstagoon, fresh from the Galar region, stands out from most other pink or brown Normal types with its fresh black-and-white punk look. And don’t worry, not all Normal Pokemon are this tongue focused. Obstagoon is a pretty powerful third stage regional evolution to Zigzagoon, first introduced in Generation III.

Its stats are pretty balanced, leaning toward physical defense and speed; its Special Attack is nothing to write home about though. Being dual Normal/Dark-type, it has a few more weaknesses than pure Normals, including a 4x weakness to fighting, but it’s also completely immune to Psychic attacks and resistant to Dark.

8 Porygon-Z

Porygon-Z is the final form of the manmade digital Pokemon, Porygon. Its stat total is boosted by its absolutely massive Special Attack. Its other stats are mostly just okay, but Porygon-Z has the potential to wipe the floor with its opponents before they can even get off a shot. It also has a large and diverse move-pool available to it through TMs.

Never has uploading knowledge directly into your Pokemon’s brain made more sense. Porygon-Z evolves from Porygon2 when given a Dubious Disc; some kind of virus in its programming made it even more powerful.

7 Snorlax

Few Pokemon are as iconic as Snorlax. This big fat bear appears in several different games because it’s just so massive and sleepy that it becomes a roadblock. It eats upwards of 880 lbs of food every day and even rotten food won’t make it sick. Then it goes into a food coma and requires a Poké Flute to awaken.

Often there’s only one Snorlax available in a game and if you miss your chance, it’s gone forever. As you might expect, Snorlax is a defensive wall with extremely high HP and good defenses. Plus it gets recovery moves like Rest, making a well-trained Snorlax hard to put down.

6 Blissey

Blissey, despite usually being seen as a companion to Nurse Joys everywhere, can be an extremely effective battler when used correctly. This is mostly down to its colossal base HP and high Special Defense.

It has a decent Special Attack in order to deal some damage back, but Blissey’s primary strength is as a special wall. They can take a frankly terrifying amount of punishment, and are able to heal themselves and their teammates with moves like Soft-Boiled and Heal Bell. A powerful physical attacker could eventually bring it down, but not immediately.

5 Silvally

Silvally evolved from Type: Null, Gladion’s companion from Pokemon Sun & Moon. It seems to be formed of several different kinds of creatures like its pre-evolution, but has finally broken free of its control mask and unlocked its true power. All of its stats are exactly the same, making it a useful all-rounder.

Its real advantage, however, comes with its ability to change from its base Normal type by equipping certain items. Because it was created from the DNA of all kinds of Pokemon, it contains the potential for every other Pokemon type within it. You can use a memory disc of a certain type to give Silvally an edge over an opponent.

4 Meloetta

Meloetta is a mythical Normal/Psychic-type Pokemon, but by using its signature move Relic Song it can change from its Aria Forme into its Normal/Fighting Pirouette Forme. Both of its forms have a decent amount of HP, but its stats differ between the two types.

Its Psychic Aria Forme is focused on Special Attack and Special Defense, while its Fighting Pirouette Forme has high attack, as well as speed. The fact that Meloetta can shift between these forms in the middle of battle gives her the ability to counter many types and makes her very versatile.

3 Slaking

Slaking is a pure Normal-type whose base stats are so high that some people mistake the line for pseudo-legendaries. However, pseudos base stats always add up to exactly 600—Slaking’s stat total is 670. So it’s obviously a very powerful Pokemon, with extremely high HP and Attack, and its Defense and Speed are nothing to sniff at.

The only downside is the Slaking line has a signature ability called Truant, which only allows the Pokemon to use moves every other turn. It spends the off turns “loafing around.” But Slaking can be a massively heavy hitter if you use it right and know how to cover its weaknesses.

2 Regigigas

Regigigas is a Normal-type Legendary Pokemon and the trio master of Hoenn’s legendary titans: Regirock, Registeel and Regice. It has incredible stats, topped by its whopping 160 Attack, as well as an excellent move-pool.

It is truly a powerful titan, and will only awaken after the player has conquered and captured the other three Regis. However, all the time slumbering has given yet another powerful Normal-type Pokemon a detrimental signature ability. Slow Start halves Regigigas’ Attack and Speed stats for five turns, meaning that to make use of this Pokemon’s power, you’re going to need a good defensive strategy.

1 Arceus

If you still needed convincing that Normal-type Pokemon can be powerful, look no further than Arceus. This legendary is basically the god of the Pokemon world, having definitely created Sinnoh and several other legendary Pokemon and likely brought the entire universe into existence.

But even aside from its godly abilities, it’s also a useful competitive Pokemon thanks to its high all-around stats. Arceus is similar to Silvally in that it’s able to change its type by holding certain items. Silvally has this power because it was created from many different Pokemon; Arceus has this power because every Pokemon type that exists originated from within Arceus itself.

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