The Ascent Is Coming To PlayStation According To New ESRB Ratings

The Ascent is coming to PlayStation. That’s according to a new rating found on the ESRB website that rates the game M for mature due to the massive amounts of violence portrayed in the game, but also for a sprinkling of drugs and sexual references.

Gematsu was the first to spot the rating, which comes soon after a similar listing popped up in Taiwan (according to Eurogamer). The ESRB notes that the bulk of the game is gunfighting with futuristic weapons, but also highlights a few choice lines. At one point the player walks past “a 'Sexbot brothel,' with robotic dancers gyrating on stage.” Some of the brothel’s patrons will say things like, “Def make sure to bring some lube. Or oil”; "Insert the sex bolt here"; or my personal favorite, “[M]y customers might as well f**k a bunch of washing machines!"

There are also a few drug references and some light cursing. But it's the graphic violence that mostly warrants the M rating, which limits the game to individuals aged 17 and up.

In case you haven’t seen The Ascent in action yet, it’s a top-down isometric twin-stick looter shooter that takes place in a cyberpunk setting. You play as a mercenary indentured to a faceless megacorp that goes bankrupt, suddenly opening you up to free agency. You go from job to job and faction to faction by shooting your way through every task presented to you, acquiring better loot and leveling up your skills along the way.

There’s apparently a plot in the Ascent if you look for it, but it’s mostly a visual feast and some classic twin-stick shooting that’s been refined to its utmost. It wasn’t quite good enough to win, but The Ascent did feature in quite a few of our Game of the Year lists.

The Ascent was first released on Xbox as a console exclusive and on PC via Steam and the Windows store. This ESRB rating means that we could be in for an announcement soon on PlayStation.

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