The Ascent No Longer Reaches Xbox Series X Summit On Launch Day

Neon Giant, the small Swedish indie team that’s making Cyberpunk ARPG The Ascent, just put out a new video showcasing some of the game’s twin-stick shooting gameplay. They also casually mentioned that they’re giving up on 2020 and pressing for a release sometime in 2021.

Creative director Arcade Berg narrates the four-minute video showcasing Cluster 13, a section of the arcology that used to be owned by The Ascent Group. And since this is a cyberpunk dystopian alien world, ownership of the arcology also meant ownership of everyone living inside. However, The Ascent Group recently went bust so now everyone in Cluster 13 is free to do whatever they want, such as form gangs and institute a desperate free-for-all for resources.

Although players can customize their weapons, armor, cybernetics, cyberdecks, and hairstyles however they want, RPG-style, the actual action plays out a lot more like a twin-stick shooter. You’ve got special abilities to complement your firepower that look an awful lot like magic, but we’re sure there’s a completely rational scientific explanation for a glowing blue dragon killing everyone in sight.

The good news is that The Ascent looks really good even though it’s nowhere near done yet. The bad news is that it’s nowhere near done and therefore isn’t going to release in 2020 for the Xbox Series X as originally planned. Instead, we’ll see The Ascent hit next-gen consoles sometime in 2021.

More good news: it’ll also be on Game Pass as soon as it launches. And yes, it’ll target that sweet 4K @ 60fps.

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