The Best Reviewed Games of 2019

With the end-of-year rush now behind us, we're looking back at the best games of 2019. We've already covered the best games on each system — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC — but this list encompasses all platforms to provide a more complete look at this year's top reviewed games. Below you'll find all 52 games released in 2019 that received a review score of 8.5 or higher from IGN. Note that, despite their qualifying scores, expansions (e.g. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers) and ports (e.g. Cuphead and Unravel 2 on Switch) aren't included. Remakes (e.g. Resident Evil 2 and Link's Awakening) are, however, since they are effectively new games rather than remasters.Click through the gallery below or continue scrolling for our full list of 2019's best games, ordered from lowest score to highest.Best Games of 2019


Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Night School | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: There’s nothing damning about spending time in Afterparty’s version of Hell. Night School has crafted an original take on the Biblical location, smartly riffed on moral and societal ideas, and told a personal, intriguing story about Milo and Lola’s afterlives. With sharp writing, this choice-driven adventure manages to retain Night School’s knack for endearing, character-driven stories, but accentuates it with the unique new drinking menu that can further mix up – again, pun intended – how I decided to shape Milo and Lola’s personalities. Tackling some heady ideas with a down-to-earth approach makes Afterparty’s raucous, emotionally moving night in Hell one to remember. – Jonathon Dornbush


Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Phoenix Labs | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC (Switch, Mobile "coming soon")

From our review: Dauntless combines insanely fun and accessible monster hunting action with cross-platform multiplayer and non-intrusive free-to-play mechanics. Removing much of the complexity from games like Monster Hunter leaves a core that’s immensely fun to dive into for quick sessions or hours on end. Tightly crafted combat and rewarding progression prove you don’t need to cram every possible feature into a game for it to be great. – David Jagneaux

Dirt Rally 2.0

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Codemasters | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: Dirt Rally 2.0 feels great, looks good, and sounds fabulous. It’s a confident rally racer for serious drivers. Stern, focused, and tough as nails, it’s as tricky to tame as its predecessor but doing so is as satisfying as ever. – Luke Reilly

Dirt Rally 2.0On Amazon

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The Division 2

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Massive Entertainment | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: The Division 2 is a refined and intuitive shared-world shooter. Its wonderful recreation of Washington, D.C. is a pleasure to explore thanks to a generous amount of chests, collectibles, and dynamic open-world activities. Plus, the campaign is full of great gunplay and missions. The Division 2 was one of the strongest launches the shared-world shooter genre has seen yet. – James Duggan

The Division 2On Amazon

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F1 2019

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Codemasters | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: Accessible yet unapologetically authentic, F1 2019 is still best-in-class when it comes to the art of bringing a modern motorsport to life. This is the best F1 game to date. – Luke Reilly

F1 2019On Amazon

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Metro Exodus

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: 4A Games | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: Metro Exodus is the best Metro game yet. It takes the fear-inducing formula of the series and transplants it into expansive, sandbox levels without losing any of the oppressive tension that makes the Metro series memorable and distinctive. Frequently exhilarating and densely atmospheric, this journey across a Russian dystopia brims with detail, and is well worth the trip for its consistently hair-raising action. – Tristan Ogilvie

Metro ExodusOn Amazon

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My Friend Pedro

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Deadtoast Entertainment | Platform(s): Switch, PC

From our review: Like the John Woo movies that it successfully emulates, My Friend Pedro is all about the action – and that action is excellent. The slow-motion gunplay, fantastical stunts, and score-attack mechanics all work together to create one hell of an adrenaline-filled ride. – Mitchell Saltzman

My Friend PedroOn Amazon

The Outer Worlds

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: With The Outer Worlds, Obsidian has found its own path in the space between Bethesda and BioWare, and it’s a great one. And considering that new RPGs from either of those influential developers are still years away, this game couldn’t have been timed any better. It’s not as explorable as one big open world but it still packs in a large portion of flexible quests and conflicts within its series of smaller ones. And the combat, character, and companion systems have enough new spins on existing ideas to make it feel like an homage with its own personality rather than a copy. – Dan Stapleton

The Outer WorldsOn Amazon

Planet Zoo

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Frontier Developments | Platform(s): PC

From our review: Despite my soft heart bankrupting just about every zoo I touched because I refused to fire the Michelin Starred-chefs making three meals a day for my snow leopards, I had a great time with Planet Zoo. The environments look great and you’re given tons of tools to make them look better. The animals that inhabit them are lively and lifelike, and each presents a satisfying set of factors to balance if you want to max out their welfare. And while some of the online stuff feels half-baked, most of the modes are well-balanced and enjoyable – especially with the addition of conservation as a secondary goal to pure profit-making. I can see myself sinking dozens more hours into this rich sim… if I can ever force myself to put the bottom line before the silk-lined giraffe beds. – T.J. Hafer

Sky: Children of the Light

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: thatgamecompany | Platform(s): Mobile

From our review: Sky: Children of the Light is a breathtaking follow-up to thatgamecompany’s previous hit, Journey, that surprised and delighted me from start to finish with its subtle story of exploration and healing. Visually, it’s breathtaking to behold on a mobile device and it delivers one of the most memorable and purely joyous multiplayer experiences I’ve had in recent memory. This is an adventure for anyone and everyone. – David Jagneaux

Team Sonic Racing

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Sumo Digital | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: Team Sonic Racing nails what matters most: speed and finesse on the racetrack. The new team system is a fantastic evolution of the arcade racing formula that gives you a real reason to work together, and the customization options keep you coming back to these excellent tracks to earn more. Team Sonic Racing is an addictive and inventive evolution that proves Sumo Digital is at the top of its game. – David Jagneaux

Team Sonic RacingOn Amazon

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Tetris 99

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Arika | Platform(s): Switch

From our review: Tetris 99 is an intense battle royale that forces you to make strategic decisions beyond just where to drop your next piece. This is Tetris on steroids, where a good run can quickly turn into a disaster and a bad run can become a surprising comeback. This nerve-wracking and utterly delightful take on one of the greatest games of all time feels perfect on Switch. On its own it justifies the $20 annual cost of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. – Steven Petite

Tetris 99 w/12 Months Nintendo OnlineOn Amazon

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Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Frozenbyte | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a sequel that plays it very safe – which, in this particular case, is for the better. Coming back to the traditional style of co-op gameplay and puzzle solving that made the first two games so delightful is exactly the kind of refocusing that the Trine series needed after the misfire of Trine 3. Some lackluster puzzle designs, technical issues, and a lack of difficulty stand in the way of it overtaking Trine 2 as the best of the series, but Trine 4 still remains a shining example of how cooperative gaming should be, and is one of the most gorgeous looking 2.5D games of 2019. – Mitchell Saltzman


Review Score: 8.5 | Developer: Chucklefish | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: Wargroove is the Advance Wars successor its long-neglected fans have been waiting for. It faithfully revives the tactics that series is loved for while putting plenty of its own spins on the concept. When you add in its extra modes, loads of unlockables, and amazing level editor it’s a game you can keep playing long after its campaign ends. – Tom Marks

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SteamWorld Quest

Review Score: 8.6 | Developer: Image & Form International AB | Platform(s): Switch, PC

From our review: SteamWorld Quest’s deck-building twists offer an insane amount of gameplay choice. The simplified deckbuilding makes Quest an RPG that’s as accessible as it is flexible, and it’s one worth playing even if you don’t care about card games at all. – Tom Marks

Blood & Truth

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: SIE London Studio | Platform(s): PS4

From our review: Sony has another great PSVR adventure on its hands. Blood & Truth is a terrific example of what PSVR can accomplish with a fun, engrossing blockbuster story. London Studio’s sheer attention to detail, the sense of joy instilled in me, and the promise of an action movie I could experience firsthand come together for one fantastic experience and, hopefully, a solid foundation for many more to come. – Jonathon Dornbush

Blood & TruthOn Amazon

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Darksiders Genesis

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: Airship Syndicate | Platform(s): PC, Stadia (PS4, Xbox One, Switch on February 14, 2020)

From our review: Darksiders Genesis may lack the polish and flair of its numbered brethren, but make no mistake: this is still a Darksiders game, and it’s one of the best. There’s a really strong balance of great combat, clever puzzles, rich exploration, and excellent progression mechanics that keep its momentum going strong through its entire 15-hour run time. I wouldn’t say I think this new style should be the new standard for the Darksiders series going forward, but I do hope this spinoff isn’t a one-off because there’s a ton of potential here to explore. – Mitchell Saltzman

Darksiders GenesisOn Amazon

Football Manager 2020

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: Sports Interactive | Platform(s): PC, Stadia

From our review: Subtle changes in the backroom and the boardroom have a surprisingly invigorating effect on what was already a series in fine form. There’s now real gratification in being a mid-table over-achiever, and entering Football Manager 2020 as a total beginner is a more realistic prospect than before. – Phil Iwaniuk

Katana Zero

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: Askiisoft | Platform(s): Switch, PC

From our review: Katana Zero combines time-bending samurai action, unique presentation, and entertaining dialogue. It’s a blisteringly fast slash-em-up that’s an absolute adrenaline rush and one of the coolest action games of the year. – Mitchell Saltzman

Katana ZeroOn Amazon

Kingdom Hearts 3

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: Square Enix | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One

From our review: In the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3, Square did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of these Disney worlds while giving us a massive toolbox for battles and exploration. It’s so cool seeing so many characters from throughout this series interact in new ways and rekindle old bonds. Kingdom Hearts 3 is full of heart and is a fulfilling evolution and resolution of the franchise. – Jonathon Dornbush

Kingdom Hearts 3On Amazon

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MLB the Show 19

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: SIE San Diego Studio | Platform(s): PS4

From our review: MLB The Show 19 continues the series’ slow march of progress, with a bigger step this year than last. It offers fresh ways to experience the outstanding gameplay, complete with refinements on the defensive side of the ball. By integrating RPG mechanics into the player progression, Road to the Show has evolved into one of the deepest sports career modes currently available. Overall, this is the most compelling version since The Show 12. – Caley Roark

Trover Saves the Universe

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: Squanch Games | Platform(s): PS4, PC

From our review: Trover Saves the Universe is a short and sweet VR platformer wrapped in one of the most ridiculous video game stories you’ll ever see. Justin Roiland and Squanch Games have done an excellent job of taking the ludicrous, freeform humor of Rick and Morty and molding it around a straightforward but enjoyable 3D brawler – even if it’s lacking the complex and well-crafted plots the best episodes of that show are known for. It loses something when played in 2D, but takes such great advantage of its unique VR mechanics that it’s one anyone (or at least anyone over 17, given its rating) with a headset should try. – Tom Marks

Trover Saves the UniverseOn Amazon

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Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Review Score: 8.7 | Developer: Playtonic Games | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is an excellent 2D platformer full of surprises and delights for fans nostalgic for the glory days of the genre. With some clever approaches to the final boss fight, the overworld map, and refreshing levels for repeat playthroughs, this one sits in the top tier of platformers just below the likes of modern classics like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. – David Jagneaux

Ape Out

Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: Gabe Cuzzillo | Platform(s): Switch, PC

From our review: Ape Out is Hotline Miami on an intense diet of bananas and jazz records; a top-down simian splatterfest set to a superb soundtrack of drums and crashing cymbals. Beneath the simple controls is depth that kept us returning for days after completing the epilogue. Gorgeous and compulsive, we can only hope this ’50s-inspired, jazz-fueled jaunt is the future of gorilla warfare. – Luke Reilly

Ape OutOn Amazon

Blair Witch

Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: Bloober Team | Platform(s): Xbox One, PC

From our review: Blair Witch is one of the most successfully terrifying horror games I’ve ever played. More so even than any of the Amnesia games, it made me feel like I’d been dragged feet-first through Hell by the end. Discovering Ellis’ troubled past and the often relatable demons it left him with grounded it all and made each eerie or excruciatingly frightful moment personal. Some small technical issues and poor feedback about progress on optional objectives aside, it’s excellently constructed from the tops of the trees to the depths of its madness. If you’re as much of a glutton for punishment when it comes to horror games as I am, you definitely won’t want to pass this one up. – T.J. Hafer

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: ArtPlay | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: There is no shortage of good Metroidvanias these days, but Bloodstained does show that Koji Igarashi’s particular brand of “Igavania” still has teeth. Exploring the castle’s many secrets is a delight, and there is a dizzying array of weapons and powers waiting to be bent to your will. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, one of the greatest games ever made, finally has a worthy successor. – Daemon Hatfield

Bloodstained: Ritual of the NightOn Amazon

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Cadence of Hyrule

Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: Brace Yourself Games | Platform(s): Switch

From our review: Cadence of Hyrule takes inspiration from a popular indie game to create a fun little detour on the path of Nintendo’s beloved Zelda franchise. Its rhythm-based combat is playful and fun, but also smart and tactical. Despite using procedural generation, its semi-randomized map evokes the charms of Hyrule. The nicest thing we can say about Cadence of Hyrule is that it absolutely deserves to stand in the Zelda canon alongside the best of its 2D games. – Mike Epstein

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Catherine: Full Body

Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: Studio Zero | Platform(s): PS4

From our review: Catherine is a timeless classic, and Full Body does a great job of adding meaningful new content and plenty of small tweaks that breathe fresh life into it. It’s the perfect entry point for those who missed the 2011 original. It may be a little too familiar for those who already experienced everything Catherine had to offer eight years ago, but there’s still value to be had with Rin’s excellent story arc, remix mode, online multiplayer, and plethora of new puzzles. – Mitchell Saltzman

Catherine: Full BodyOn Amazon

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Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: Remedy | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
From our review: Control is set in an engrossingly weird paranormal world that I couldn’t help but explore. Jesse’s versatile psychic skills and main weapon make for thrilling ranged combat. And thanks to a strong supporting cast, a well-written script, and plenty of intriguing breadcrumb trails, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my adventure through the shifting rooms of Oldest House. Jesse’s personal story feels like an afterthought next to that, but there’s enough to Control’s world that I remain invested in uncovering every secret, even though the story’s over. – Jonathon DornbushControlOn Amazon

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Dragon Quest Builders 2

Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: Square Enix | Platform(s): PS4, Switch
From our review: Dragon Quest Builders 2 is an admirable RPG and an admirable building game which seems in most cases to have gotten the best bits of both of its parent genres. Clunky, overly straightforward combat and unintuitive controls drag it down a little bit, but it still manages to soar above all of the less ambitious Minecraft clones we’ve seen over the years. Even with the main story behind me, I’m still itching to spend time exploring its excellent environments and make them my own. – T.J. HaferDragon Quest Builders 2On Amazon

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Review Score: 8.8 | Developer: Lab Zero Games | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: True to its name, Indivisible should be taken as a whole to understand what makes it a unique roleplaying game. Whether it's watching Ajna and her friends growing close or theory crafting combos through party synergy, this is a game about the importance of cohesion. Sure, the plot is a bit predictable at the beginning, and there are some irritating difficulty spikes thanks to overly long boss HP bars, but those few lows are never enough to take away from how fantastic the story and gameplay are as a whole. Amidst all its moving parts, Indivisible finds its center, and opens its third eye. – Kyle Campbell

Apex Legends

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: Respawn | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: Apex Legends makes squad-based battle royale work better than thought possible, even when playing with a randomly matched team. Its intuitive communication system makes strategic teamplay achievable without a word, and the eight unique legends each have cool abilities that are rewarding. The fascinating sci-fi map leads to tense encounters filled with all of the pristine gunplay and polish from the Titanfall series, and its free-to-play setup doesn’t pressure you to pay to keep up. – Steven Petite

Astral Chain

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: PlatinumGames | Platform(s): Switch
From our review: Astral Chain is another excellent game from Platinum, and one of the best action games of this generation. Period. Fighting off alien invaders with a Legion robot by your side proves to be even more fun than it looks, which is saying a lot. Even outside of combat, the world and its characters brim with life – other than the main protagonist, that is. Excellent pacing artfully balances tense action with enticing exploration to create a deeply satisfying and charmingly quirky ride. – Steven PetiteAstral ChainOn Amazon

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Borderlands 3

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: Gearbox | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia
From our review: If Borderlands 3 is what happens when a modern looter shooter doesn’t concern itself with the longevity of its item economy and daily quests then you can sign me up for Borderlands 4 right now. Being untethered from persistent servers and able to trade loot at will is a refreshing change of pace, but that’s hardly the only reason why this such an amazing co-op FPS. The sheer magnitude and diversity of its arsenal of fun and surprising weaponry is unmatched, and the striking amount of loving detail and variety packed into its energetic and replayable 30-hour campaign is what makes Borderlands 3 a high-point for the series – and the genre as a whole. – James DugganBorderlands 3On Amazon

Gears 5

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: The Coalition | Platform(s): Xbox One, PC
From our review: To be clear, it’s not surprising at all that Gears 5 is an excellent third-person action game. This iconic series has never really had a misfire, even when changing hands from original developer Epic to The Coalition, and the hot streak remains unbroken. What was unexpected is just how effectively it doubles down on story with a character-focused, consequence-filled tale that plays to one of the franchise’s most underappreciated strengths and backs it up with fun, welcome additions to both its gameplay formula and flow. And that’s just the campaign: add in a heavy-hitting multiplayer lineup of Versus, Versus Arcade, Horde, and Escape and it makes Gears 5 one of the best and most versatile action-game packages in recent memory. – Ryan McCaffreyGears 5On Amazon

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Mortal Kombat 11

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: NetherRealm | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

From our review: Mortal Kombat 11 is as good as it is gory. Everything from its methodical and deep combat to its fantastically absurd story mode and its rock-solid netcode, right down to its extraordinarily comprehensive tutorial is exceptional. This series continues to prove that there’s real fighting depth beyond its notoriously gory Fatalities, and this one in particular stands out as a spine-ripping good time. – Mitchell Saltzman

Mortal Kombat 11On Amazon

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Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: No Code Studios | Platform(s): PS4, PC

From our review: Observation is a smart science fiction story propelled by its novel approach to puzzle design and stunning attention to detail. It drives you through its beautiful labyrinth of hallways while telling a story that grips from start to finish. All of these components combine to craft a chilling high-concept tale that nails the landing and fully accomplishes what it sets out to achieve. – Simon Cardy

Resident Evil 2

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: Capcom | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: Capcom did a fantastic job of resurrecting all the best parts of the classic Resident Evil 2 and making them look, sound, and play like a 2019 game. If you’re of the mind that the series had lost its way for a while there, this game is very much a return to form. The zombie combat is satisfying and exploring the dilapidated ruins of Raccoon City is a thrill. This establishes a new standard for remaking classic games. – Daemon Hatfield

Resident Evil 2On Amazon

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Risk of Rain 2

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: Hopoo Games | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
From our review: Risk of Rain 2’s early access hooked me with its fluid 3D action and distinct classes, and held my attention long after I’d seen everything it had to offer with its berserk roguelike progression, and the ability to squad up with friends. It’s networking woes could use some TLC, but that’s the only bad news. What’s here now is polished, fun, and immensely replayable, and what’s on the horizon leads me to believe I’ll be playing Risk of Rain 2 for a very long time to come. – James Duggan

Slay the Spire

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: Mega Crit | Platform(s): PS4, Switch, PC

From our review: Slay the Spire is a challenging and satisfying mix of deckbuilding games, roguelikes, and dungeon crawlers. It encourages experimentation, gives you time to make mistakes, and will challenge you immensely as you navigate your way through floor after floor of entertaining, puzzle-like fights. It’s an idea so good that it inspired a dozen games like it before it even left early access, but is executed so well that none of them even come close to matching it. – Tom Marks

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: Respawn Entertainment | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
From our review: It’s been ages since we got a great single-player Star Wars action game, but Jedi: Fallen Order makes up for a lot of lost time. A strong cast sells a dark story while keeping things fun and loyal to Star Wars lore, and fast, challenging combat mixes with energetic platforming, decent puzzles, and diverse locations to explore for an all-around amazing game. – Dan StapletonStar Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderOn Amazon

Telling Lies

Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: One Sided Conversation, LLC. | Platform(s): PC, Mobile
From our review: Telling Lies is a rich, deep story that keeps on giving, even after you’ve finished your first playthrough. Every one of its short video clips is packed with meaning, and working out where you should go next is rewarding because each subplot is gripping: once I’d started following a thread it was hard to stop, and the more you do the more you’ll find connections to the main plot. I sometimes felt like I was battling the UI, but it was worth it to watch this talented cast bring a complex story to life. – Samuel Horti


Review Score: 9.0 | Developer: Bugbear Entertainment | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
From our review: Wreckfest is the long-overdue return of serious, high-quality destruction racing and, in that admittedly slim niche, it’s the king of the crop. It lacks a little spark off the track but out in the thick of it it’s some of the most frantic fun you can have on four wheels. I play plenty of serious racers, but sometimes it’s nice to toss the rulebook into the back seat and get out in the mud and trade some paint. – Luke ReillyWreckfestOn Amazon

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Pokemon Sword and Shield

Review Score: 9.3 | Developer: Game Freak | Platform(s): Switch
From our review: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are closer to my dream Pokemon RPGs than anything that’s come before. I’d still like better cutscenes, companion Pokemon, the complete Pokedex, and a more visually interesting Wild Area, but nitpicks are just not very effective when everything else was such a complete joy to play. The way they respect my time is wonderful, and the removal of monotony from random encounters and other odds and ends distills it down to only the pure and charming fun of capturing, training, and battling wonderful creatures. And hey, if I’m missing any tedious repetition, I can always get back into breeding. – Casey DeFreitasPokemon SwordOn Amazon

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Review Score: 9.3 | Developer: Creative Assembly | Platform(s): PC
From our review: Total War: Three Kingdoms should serve as the example for all games of its breed going forward. The campaign design is brilliant, full of character, and tells a cohesive, historical-feeling story with satisfying act breaks and unexpected turns of fortune. The improvements to performance and optimization over its predecessors almost make me want to just lean back in my chair and hum contentedly while I watch hundreds of peasant militia hack each other to pieces. Its relentless ability to constantly provide challenging battles can almost seem like too much of a good thing sometimes, but it’s still a huge improvement over what came before. Just remember when you’re going over resumes to decide who to bring on to lead your next, big offensive: Do not pursue Lu Bu. – T.J. HaferTotal War: Three KingdomsOn Amazon

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Asgard's Wrath

Review Score: 9.4 | Developer: Sanzaru Games | Platform(s): PC
From our review: Asgard’s Wrath is a fantastic action-adventure RPG that can stand with the best of them on consoles and PC, but the fact that it’s meticulously crafted for VR means it sits in a league of its own. Asgard’s Wrath represents something VR enthusiasts have been waiting for for years now: the first absolute must-play virtual reality game that feels fully fleshed-out rather than a glorified tech demo. Its beautiful world, excellent combat, great interface, and straightforward but detailed story come together to form something spectacular. – Gabriel Moss

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Review Score: 9.4 | Developer: Nintendo | Platform(s): Switch

From our review: My most succinct recommendation for the 2019 remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening would be this: a couple of weeks ago, having finished the original, I was actively hoping that this wouldn’t be a shot-for-shot remake. Entire decades after the fact, the dungeons felt a little underthought, the controls a bit archaic. Even slowly making your way through the overworld by way of set clues, rather than the kind of self-directed navigation we were allowed in A Link Between Worlds, felt old-fashioned. And yet, as I potter once again across Koholint, digging up its last remaining secrets to avoid turning it off again, I’m delighted to have been wrong. Link’s Awakening retains the style and feel of its 1993 self, but looks and controls like a game – albeit a retro-styled one – made in 2019. In doing so, this feels like it was made in some alternate present, where games remained in 2D, puzzle-focused and strange, but tech improved to support it all. You could, I guess, call it time travel. – Joe Skrebels

The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningOn Amazon

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Devil May Cry 5

Review Score: 9.5 | Developer: Capcom | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: The question of which Devil May Cry game is the best has gotten much easier with Devil May Cry 5. The combat is the strongest the series has seen to date, and the story does a great job of balancing all three of its main characters and doling out rewarding bits of its mysterious story at an enticing pace. It’s good to have you back, Dante and Nero. Mitchell Saltzman

Devil May Cry 5On Amazon

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Review Score: 9.5 | Developer: Intelligent Systems | Platform(s): Switch
From our review: Fire Emblem: Three Housessee dealFire Emblem: Three Houses$55.89on Amazon succeeds in its ambitious telling of a land at war helmed by captivating leaders, in which no side has all the answers. Its tense battles are made all the more harrowing thanks to new strategy elements, and the colorful cast of troops you send into the fray are incredibly charming. With a new take on training and bonding with your units, and the many activities and options available to sample, it’s absolutely begging to be played multiple times. – Brendan Graeber

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Review Score: 9.5 | Developer: From Software | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

From our review: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice evolves From Software’s formula into a stylish stealth-action adventure that emphasizes precision and skill in its combat. It walks the line between patient stealth and breakneck melee combat against threats both earthly and otherworldly. Its imaginative and flexible tools support a more focused experience that shaves down some of From Software’s overly cryptic sensibilities without losing its air of mystery. Sekiro is an amazing new twist on a familiar set of ideas that can stand on its own alongside its predecessors. – Brandin Tyrrel

Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceOn Amazon

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Super Mario Maker 2

Review Score: 9.5 | Developer: Nintendo | Platform(s): Switch

From our review: It’s hard to decide where to begin when talking about all the things we love about Super Mario Maker 2. It does nearly everything better than its already excellent predecessor, introducing some incredible new ideas, building items, and so much more — all while maintaining the charm of Mario games we know and love. It’s the most accessible game design tool ever created and the Story Mode is a great excuse to play through hundreds of novel, professionally made levels. – Seth Macy

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Disco Elysium

Review Score: 9.6 | Developer: ZA/UM | Platform(s): PC

From our review: Disco Elysium is a unique blend of noir-detective fiction, traditional pen-and-paper RPGs, and a large helping of existentialist theory. Its twisting plot, cast of memorable characters, and sheer depth of choice combine to create an experience that begs to be savoured. A few minor gripes aside, it hits on almost every single one of the marks it sets out to achieve and left me yearning to spend more time in its world. – Simon Cardy

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