The Best Subquests In Shin Megami Tensei 5

Like most JRPGs, Shin Megami Tensei 5 has many Subquests for you to seek out and complete alongside the main questlines, allowing you to earn additional experience, recruit unique Demons, and even fight hidden bosses. Additionally, if you're looking to see and do everything present in the game, doing all the Subquests will take quite some time to complete.

While there are many Subquests in the game, not all of them will reward you well, making some much better to target than others if you're looking to acquire rare items or snag a new Demon for your party. However, some will require you to be leveled up quite a bit before you can tackle it, with some even having you beat the game first.

Talisman Subquests

Talismans in Shin Megami Tensei V allow Demons to use unique Magatsuhi Skills, which you can unleash when your Magatsuhi Meter gets filled, dealing loads of damage with many different effects and bonuses. Additionally, Talismans aren't equipable or consumable items, meaning they're permanent and can get used as you please.

However, the only downside to Talismans is they require a specific race of Demons to get activated, meaning the Demons in your party cannot freely use them, so you must build your party accordingly. You will also find Talismans as you naturally progress through the game, but some of the best ones are locked behind Subquests, which we will include below!

Subquest NameSubquest LocationsTalisman NameTalisman Skill
Chakra Drop ChompShinagawa, Tennozu FountJirae TalismanOmagatoki: Sincerity
A Preta PredicamentTamachi LeylineHaunt TalismanTwilight Wave
The Ultimate OmelleteKamiyacho Leyline FountDrake TalismanBig Bang
Magic From The EastContainer Yard FountVile TalismanImpaler's Glory
The Gold Dragon's ArrivalShiba ParkDragon TalismanOmagatoki: Dance
No Stone UnturnedShiba ParkWargod TalismanFreikugel EX
Pollution PanicHamamatsuchoYoma TalismanOmagatoki: Potential
The Demon Of The SpringHamamatsucho, Shiba ParkFemme TalismanOmagatoki: Free
A Wish For A FishShinagawaBeast TalismanOmagatoki: Adversity
Kumbhanda's BottleShinagawaNight TalismanSoul Drain
Movin' On UpNagatacho FountRaptor TalismanAccursed Poison
Talisman HuntNagatacho Leyline Crossing, Minato RegionBrute TalismanExpand Critical Aura

Demon Subquests

Recruiting Demons to your party for use in combat is a significant part of the Shin Megami Tensei series and is, of course, very prevalent in 5. You will find loads of Demons while progressing through the story, but there are even more of them to discover if you poke around the game's Subquests.

Furthermore, some Subquests even offer exclusive Demon Fusions, allowing you to get powerful Demons to join your party, which will help you out immensely in Shin Megami Tensei 5's post-game content. Below is the complete list of Subquests that contain new Demon recruits and fusions!

Subquest NameSubquest Location/RequirementDemon NameDemon RaceRecruitment/Fusion
The Spirit Of LoveTalk to Apsaras at Shiba ParkApsarasYomaRecruitment
The Water NymphTalk to Apsaras, then find and agree to help Leanan Sidhe in Shiba ParkLeanan SidheFemmeRecruitment
Those Seeking SanctuaryTalk to Lilim at Shinagawa Pier Leyline FountLilimNightRecruitment
The Demon Of The SpringAfter completing The Cursed Mermaid Subquest, talk to Mermaid at Shiba Park.AnahitaMegamiFusion
The Compassionate SpringAchieve the Uphold God's Order ending, then speak to Maria after obtaining the Seed of Life (acquired after completing at least 75% of the Demon Compendium).MariaMegamiFusion
The Seraph ReturnsAchieve the Uphold God's Order ending, then talk to Michael at the Temple of Eternity after receiving a message from Melchizedek.MichaelHeraldFusion
The Wrathful QueenAchieve the Recreate the World and Save Tokyo ending, then speak to Maria after obtaining the Seed of Life (acquired after completing at least 75% of the Demon Compendium).InnanaLadyFusion
Red Dragon's InvitationAchieve the Recreate the World and Save Tokyo ending, then talk to Belial at the Demon King Castle after receiving a message from Nebiros.BelialTyrantFusion
The Noble QueenAchieve the Destroy the Throne ending, then speak to Maria after obtaining the Seed of Life (acquired after completing at least 75% of the Demon Compendium).DanuLadyFusion

DLC Subquests

In addition to the base game's Demon Subquests, there are a few extra pieces of DLC you can dive into that have unique, exclusive Demons available if you complete them. While the DLC is not required to complete the game or fill in your Demon Compendium, they still offer powerful Demons, making them worth your while if you feel like spending the extra cash to gain access to them. Below are all the DLC Demon Subquests.

DLC NameSubquest LocationDemon Recruitment
A Goddess In TrainingTokyo Diet BuildingArtemis
The Rage Of A QueenTokyo Diet BuildingCleopatra
The Doctor's Last WishTokyo Diet BuildingMephisto
Return of the True DemonWorld Of ShadowsBlack Rider, Daisojou, Hell Biker, Matador, Mother Harlot, Pale Rider, Red Rider, Trumpeter, White Rider

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