The Biggest Gaming News For November 7, 2022

Welcome to the work week. Another day, another dollar, I guess. I’m going to assume that you’ve had your nose to the grindstone since morning, meaning that you must have gotten behind on everything that's been going on in the world of gaming, so let’s get you back up to speed, preferably in a hurry. I mean, you surely want to get back to your, well , gaming, right? Today, we heard that Activision might not have a Call of Duty game in the works for next year, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet spoilers have been leaking all over the place, and Gears of War could be adapted to anime. These are just our top stories and so hey, why not read on for the rest?

Someone Is Playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Early, Leaks Shared Online

Someone appears to have gotten their hands on a copy of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet because leaks have been appearing all over the internet. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are both yet to make a statement on the matter, but we do know that some sort of an official announcement will be made tomorrow in the form of a trailer. The game itself will be released on November 18.

League Of Legends' Latest Hero Censored In Some Markets For Being Gay And Black

The latest hero in League of Legends was apparently censored in certain regions for being gay and black. Executive Producer Jeremy Lee recently admitted that Riot replaced "lover" with "partner" in some places even despite being "very proud" of the openly gay character K’Sante. Riot Games wants "everyone who plays League of Legends to find a champion that resonates with them," Lee said before noting how "each region can localize and publish that story in what they feel is best for the players."

Gears Of War Is Reportedly Getting A Netflix Movie Adaptation

Gears of War is apparently going to be turned into a movie by Netflix. This beloved series could also be getting an animated show, at least according to reports. “Gears of War was released 16 years ago today and to mark the occasion, Netflix has partnered with The Coalition to adapt the Gears of War video game saga into a live action feature film, followed by an adult animated series with the potential for more stories to follow,” the company posted on social media.

Riot Games Launches Women's League Of Legends Tournament Rising Stars

Riot Games recently announced a League of Legends tournament for women called Rising Stars to be entirely run by students in Esports Production. "Rising Stars, as a local, standalone tournament, is another example of the work that we and our partners can do to promote diversity and inclusion in the esports community,” the company remarked. “The fact that we’re also able to support students taking their first professional steps in the industry is the cherry on top."

Activision Confirms "Full Premium" Call Of Duty Release For 2023, Prompting Modern Warfare 2 Expansion Rumors

Activision recently published its latest earnings report, sending fans of the popular franchise Call of Duty into a little bit of a tizzy over a turn of phrase or two. “Activision is looking forward to building on its current momentum in 2023 with plans for next year including the most robust Call of Duty live operations to date, the next full premium release in the blockbuster annual series, and even more engaging free-to-play experiences across platforms,” the financial report explained to investors. This could of course be read as a full entry in the franchise, but Activision seems poised to skip a year, prompting speculation about some sort of expansion pack for the recently released Modern Warfare 2.

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