The Call Of Duty: Warzone Hit Marker Bug Is Fixed

For a week now, hit markers in Call of Duty: Warzone have not been appearing consistently for players, whether that’s in Verdansk itself or the gulag. However, Raven Software has pushed out an update that fixes this bug – hopefully, it sticks.

This came alongside some other little bug fixes, such as weapon XP not awarding as intended in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode, UI elements in the loadout menu being fixed, and the rollout of the Valentine Weekend’s playlist names.

With Modern Warfare still getting bug fixes, it looks as though support for the game hasn’t fully ended with Cold War’s release which bodes well for Cold War when the next Call of Duty arrives later this year from Sledgehammer. In fact, a Modern Warfare gun has even been leaked to arrive in Warzone in the next season.

This gun, the Sykov pistol, can be modified to hold 80 rounds, be dual-wielded, and it even fires fully automatically. So, it’s a little bit broken, like dual-wielding SMGs, giving the Diamatti a run for its money. Still, if Modern Warfare is getting some tweaks and fixes, perhaps the Sykov will receive some of its own before its Warzone debut.

For context, the Sykov is a blueprint for the Makarov, so that’s the gun that should be arriving in season 2 according to the leaks. For now, season 1 is left with just under two weeks to go, and there are rumors abound of what the future of Warzone holds when the next season rolls out, such as Fireteam maps from Cold War being merged into the new Verdansk, and zombies landing in the city to make the battle royale frenzy even more chaotic.

As for the Valentine Weekend’s playlist names, you can now jump into Warzone Rumble in the sheets and the Love and Plunder trio modes.

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