The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – The World’s Fair Hotel Scene Walkthrough

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Welcome to The Devil in Me, the fourth installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology and the final game in the first phase of Supermassive Game's experimental anthology series. In this game, you join the crew of a fledgling true crime program as they venture to the newly opened remake of the famous World’s Fair Hotel, where H. H. Holmes murdered a disputed (albeit high) number of victims in the 1890s.

The prologue, as always, is your peek into the horror of The Dark Pictures game ahead. We’ll guide you through the decisions here to set you up for success ahead.

Collectibles And Bearings In This Scene

Secrets To Find:

  • None

Pictures To Find:

  • None

Bearings Affected:

  • Hotel Guests

This walkthrough details the Theatrical Cut of the game, which will be your primary experience with it.

Since The Dark Pictures games feature branching storylines with hundreds of endings and minute details hidden in every corner, we acknowledge that we may miss some things and will update as needed.

However, we've played each scene many times in an effort to bring you the most complete information possible.

Arriving At The Hotel

After some shots establishing the 1890s Chicago atmosphere, we join Marie and Jeff, two newlyweds, as they arrive at The World’s Fair Hotel. After a brief dialogue with H. H. Holmes about the hotel, Marie is given the opportunity to sign the guestbook with her brand-new last name, serving as your movement tutorial for how to examine items.

Jeff and Holmes will be having a conversation about a room upgrade as Marie is checking out the pen. You can listen to them for a moment, but if Marie waits too long, you lose the chance to sign, and Holmes suggests signing upon checkout. If you finish signing before the conversation has ended, Marie listens, and the conversation continues.

Holmes takes your bags upstairs to the upgraded room he’s just given you and tells Jeff and Marie to have a look around the pharmacy and jewelry counters. You assume control of Marie when she gets to the pharmacy counter, and you’re able to choose one of two items here – the rose milk for the bathtub, or the tin of face powder.

The first item you select as Marie will be the one she takes, so don't try to pick them up and check them out before choosing.

We waited for several minutes, and it seems you cannot run out of time making this selection.

Going To The Honeymoon Suite

After rejoining Jeff and bantering for a moment near the large selection of rings at the jewelry counter, the newlyweds head upstairs, where they walk past a room called the Rathlin Suite, which is labeled with a big sign on the door that says “Private.” Regardless, Marie insists on going inside.

As soon as they open the door, you notice what looks to be a body under a sheet in the corner of the room, but it takes Marie and Jeff a second to see it.

When they take notice and move to investigate, though, they hear Holmes’ footsteps coming down the hall.

Time to match your heartbeat to the rhythm on the screen by pressing the button shown in time with the heartbeats, the first of many times, you’ll need to keep your breathing steady to evade capture. The difficulty setting on which you're playing influences how many heartbeats you'll have to match up.

Below are the possible outcomes for this synchronizing.

  • If you succeed: Holmes walks into the room but doesn't find the couple. They go to the honeymoon suite, where Holmes is waiting in the hall for them.
  • If you fail: Marie laughs when you fail, and Holmes finds the couple. He's rather cross that he's found you in here., but insists the room is "unfinished" and too dangerous to be in, and he escorts you to the honeymoon suite.

After Holmes shows you to your room, a pillow fight breaks out between the newlyweds to establish for you how to aim and use projectiles in the game. As Marie, move your reticle around and follow the on-screen instructions to pelt your new husband with pillows until the fight ends.

There is no consequence for not throwing the pillows other than missing this tutorial – the only difference is which spouse admits defeat first.

Freshening Up

Once they’re settled in the room, Marie and Jeff agree to clean up. In the hallway, the bathroom door is jammed, which serves as your tutorial for button-mashing to break down doors. No matter how many times the couple is unsuccessful, they continue trying until you eventually get it.

Jeff leaves Marie in the bathroom alone to find a shaving kit. Time to visit the lobby to see if they sell any. You will walk past the Rathlin Suite again, and even if you try to open it, Jeff refuses, so keep heading back the way you came upstairs. Keep going toward the door at the end, which you’ll see glinting to catch your eye.

When Jeff goes to open the door, a trap door beneath his feet springs open, and you’re faced with your first quick time event (QTE). Quickly hit the input shown on the screen to help Jeff scramble back up to the floor.

Even if you miss this particular QTE, Jeff scrambles back up and survives anyway, but don't get used to this leniency.

The Bath

We rejoin Marie in the bathroom, where she's getting ready for her bath. This is your introduction to one of the game's newest additions to the Dark Pictures Anthology: your inventory.

When the up arrow is on the screen, the character you're controlling is able to use an item they've collected in their inventory. Press the arrow to grab the item, then hit the button shown on the screen to use it.

Upon instruction, Marie will use the item you got from the pharmacy downstairs.

Bathroom Items

Rose WaterMarie will pour some into the tub and set the bottle on the table beside it before climbing in.
Face PowderMarie will powder her face before getting into the bath.

After a moment to relax, she hears the bathroom door open and sees shoes beneath the privacy shade, assuming it’s Jeff.

Here, you have two choices: relax or investigate.

What happens after you choose depends on the decisions you've made so far.

Marie In The Bath

ChoicePharmacy SelectionConsequence
RelaxRose WaterHolmes comes to "massage" Marie, who leaves her eyes closed until the massage hurts, screaming when she sees Holmes. She grabs the bottle of rose water and tries to smash Holmes over the head, but he's undaunted and drowns her in the tub.
Face PowderHolmes comes to "massage" Marie, who leaves her eyes closed until the massage hurts, screaming when she sees Holmes. She's got nothing with which to fight back, and Holmes drowns her in the tub.
InvestigateRose WaterMarie gets out of the tub and is confronted by Holmes, who slashes her throat with a razor. Marie hits him with the bottle, and he stumbles but doesn't go down. Marie stumbles back into the tub.
Face PowderMarie gets out of the tub and is confronted by Holmes, who slashes her throat with a razor. Marie lays back into the tub, and the water turns red.

The Struggle

Jeff returns to find Holmes in the bathroom with Marie. He flees, attempting to hide in a room nearby, which is an unfortunate mistake on Jeff's part. Below is how the scene plays out, based on the choices you’ve made up to this point.

Jeff's Death

Marie's ReactionMarie's Pharmacy SelectionConsequence
InvestigateRose WaterMarie is gasping for air as she bleeds out, and she tries to go to the window to look into the gas chamber but loses her grip on the tub and slips back in. Jeff sees Marie before collapsing himself.
Face PowderMarie is gasping for air as she bleeds out, and she goes to the window to look into the gas chamber. Holmes encourages them to say they love each other, and they die with their hands against the window before they collapse.
RelaxRose WaterThe camera cuts between Jeff choking and Marie laying drowned in the tub, and they die separately.
Face Powder

No matter what you do, Marie and Jeff are both killed in this scene. The only thing your choices impact for them is how they die.

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