The Day Before Delayed As Dev Claims It Doesn’t Have Name Trademarked

Fntastic's highly-anticipated survival horror The Day Before has been delayed yet again, just days before it was supposed to reveal a new gameplay trailer. According to The Day Before's studio, this latest hold-up has been brought about by someone else trademarking the name of its game without Fntastic realizing.

Fntastic revealed that The Day Before's release date has been pushed back yet again via a statement posted to Twitter in the early hours of Wednesday morning. “Right before release, Steam blocked our game page at the request of a private individual, because of the name The Day Before,” the statement reads. “The above mentioned individual filled out an application before us to register the game trademark The Day Before in the United States.”

The Day Before was announced in January 2021, something readers of Fntastic's statement are reminded of. It also implies someone jumped on the chance to file a trademark for the game's name in the US which you think the studio would have thought to do already. However, if you follow the link provided in the statement, you'll discover the unnamed trademark holder didn't make a filing until May, a full five months after the game was announced.

The Day Before's release date has now been moved from March 1, 2023, to November 10, 2023. Why the trademark issue will take nine months to resolve, and why Fntastic is so certain it will be able to resolve it at all, remains unclear. The legitimacy of the reason given for this latest delay is also already being called into question. A reply to the statement includes screenshots claiming to show Fntastic took down The Day Before's screenshots and trailer and made its page private, flying in the face of claims Steam blocked the page.

Another delay right before a gameplay reveal is just the latest twist in a bizarre tale for The Day Before. The studio has previously been criticized for seemingly using volunteers to make the game. Some have also accused Fntastic of including assets ripped from other games in previous trailers for The Day Before. Despite its problems, the MMO has been one of Steam's most wishlisted games for the better part of a year.

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