The Day Before’s New 13-Minute Gameplay Trailer Shows You How To Change A Flat Tire

You’d think that the zombie apocalypse would leave a few relatively unpopulated places devoid of zombies, but no; that’s now how zombie apocalypses work. After arriving at an apparently abandoned farmhouse, the protagonists accidentally trip a long-waiting home alarm and this causes dozens of zombies to all start streaming in from the nearby wheat fields.

That’s the sort of thing you can expect in The Day Before, the upcoming open-world apocalyptic zombie MMO. In The Day Before, you scrounge around looking for food, supplies, and weapons all while avoiding the zombie hordes and marauding enemy players.

The Day Before was first announced at IGN Fan Fest back in February and has since then been getting hyped a new trailer every month. March saw a gameplay trailer that showcased your ability to double-tap an enemy player but also get squished by a tank if you’re not careful. And now we’ve got a new extended gameplay trailer that really shows The Day Before’s various mechanics.

After arriving at a gas station, our two heroes set about looting the place for supplies. Of course, anything even remotely resembling the old world is going to be covered in The Infected (basically zombies), so they have to spend a few bullets clearing the place out first. Then, using the tape, glue, and other supplies looted from the gas station, they repair a busted SUV well enough to head on over to their next destination–an abandoned farmhouse.

Only it’s not so abandoned because there are zombies hiding in the fields just waiting for tired and hungry players to accidentally trip the alarm.

The player characters manage to escape the home just as a marauding band in a police cruiser shows up to see what caused all the hubbub.

The Day Before still doesn’t have a release date, but you can wishlist the game on Steam to be notified when it does.

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