The Division 2 DOWNTIME server maintenance schedule, update and PS4, Xbox patch notes

The Division 2 is undergoing server maintenance on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game will be taken offline for server maintenance 2pm UK time on May 28.

The Division 2 will return roughly two hours later at 4pm BST.

“Agents, maintenance incoming at 03:00 PM CEST / 09:00 AM EST / 11:00 PM ACT (in 6 hours and 35 minutes from now) with an estimated downtime of two hours,” reads an Ubisoft post.

The downtime will be accompanied by a new update, which makes some crucial changes and fixes.

Unfortunately, however, update 3.1 is still missing in action, as Ubisoft continues to work on NPC behaviour.

“We’re still working on Title Update 3.1 which will include several fixes to NPC behavior as well as other fixes for the game, but we don’t have an estimated time for this yet,” Ubisoft continues. “We will keep you updated on this front too.

“As we’ve seen this on brought up as well: We’re looking into armor being extraordinarily high in certain situations and this is something we want to fix asap.”

The latest Division 2 update fixes an issue some players have experienced when trying to enter the Nelson Theater Classified Assignment.

Thankfully, there’s also a fix for a progression issue that stopped players reaching World Tier 5.

Elsewhere, Ubisoft has eliminated a matchmaking glitch and improved the delivery method of the arm patch for completing the first week of Operation Dark Hours.

Check out the full list of The Division 2 patch notes below…

The Division 2 patch notes for May 28…

• Fixed an issue preventing some players from entering Nelson Theater Classified Assignment

• Fixed an issue where some players could not progress to World Tier 5.

• Fixed an issue that could cause players to glitch into an empty world when matchmaking for a Classified Assignment.

• Made improvements to the delivery of the arm patch for first week completion of Operation Dark Hours. Players who beat the raid in the first week should be granted their arm patch retroactively.

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