The Division 2 Update News: Title Update 5 Changes Revealed with Live Server Maintenance

Earlier this week the Public Test Server for Title Update 5 for The Division 2 went live.

Testing is currently underway for some of the new content and features coming to the game in the next couple of weeks.

Ubisoft isn’t just testing for bugs though, they say that participating players will also receive a survey after each testing phase to drive as much feedback as possible to the development team.

“We want to ensure each phase receives targeted feedback from the community, and so we encourage everyone to share their thoughts with us” Ubisoft told fans.

So be brutal, give ’em hell, with strongly worded critique. You can also find the PTS schedule for testing just below, so you know what they’re testing as and when.

For those interest, have a watch of the latest State of the Game stream (below) in which the team this week focused on the PTS and Title Update 5.

It was also announced that The Division 2 servers will be shut down for maintenance on Thursday, July 4th at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. 

Estimated downtime is expected to last approximately 3 hours.

So far the only details surrounding this update on the live servers is related to the below:

  • Fixed an issue preventing players to pick up Specialization ammunition.

Hopefully, we’ll see some more extensive patch notes following the update.

For now, read on for that updated PTS Schedule and pending PTS Patch Notes.

PTS Focus / Schedule

July 3rd: – Phase 2
Discovery Mode difficulty for the Washington National Airport raid. Matchmaking will be available for this difficulty.

July 5th:

The first location of an Expedition site will be available. On July 6th, the second location of the same site will open for players. The third location opens on July 7th, completing the full Expedition site. You can return to previous locations as new ones are opened.

July 8th:

This phase will focus on gear balancing, skill build viability, and the introduction of two new exotics: the Diamondback Rifle and BTSU Datagloves.

July 10th:

PTS ends.


Pending PTS Updates

Not all skill changes are active at the moment – there will be an additional PTS patch that will add the following Skill changes:

Lowered the base cooldown of the following skills

  • Scanner Pulse from 90 seconds to 40

  • Remote Pulse 120 to 60

  • Jammer Pulse 120 to 90

  • Assault Turret 120 to 60

  • Incinerator Turret 120 to 90

  • Sniper Turret 240 to 60

  • Artillery Turret 240 to 60

  • Restorer Hive 240 to 90

  • Stinger Hive 240 to 90

  • Booster Hive 240 to 90

  • Burster Firefly 90 to 60

  • Demolisher Firefly 90 to 60

  • Explosive Seeker Mine 90 to 60

  • Cluster Seeker Mine 60 to 40

  • Mender Seeker Mine 180 to 60

  • Striker Drone 180 to 60

  • Bombardier Drone 120 to 60

  • Fixer Drone 180 to 60

  • Tactician Drone 180 to 60

  • Bulwark Shield 240 to 40

  • Crusader Shield 240 to 40

  • Deflector Shield 240 to 40


  • Increased base health of all Shields by 15%

  • Changed the shields regeneration to now be percentage based (base 5% hp/s while holstered and 2.5% while deployed).

Sniper Turret

  • Changed the base ammo for sniper turret from 5 to 15 and mortar turret ammo from 4 to 10.

Bombardier Drone

  • Increased bombardier drone bomb blast radius from 4 to 5 meters 

Seeker Mine

  • Increased base damage of Explosive Seeker Mine by 14%


  • Decreased base damage of Burster and Demolisher Firefly by 25%

Brand Set Changes

  • Increased Alps Summit Armament 1-piece Skill Haste bonus from 10% to 20%

  • Increased China Light Industries Corporation 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from 10% to 30%

  • Increased Petrov Defense Group 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from 10% to 30%

Gear Set Changes

  • Increased Tip of the Spear 3-piece Skill Haste bonus from 20% to 40%

Gear Attributes, Mods and Skill Mods

  • Increased the amount of Skill Haste gained from utility attribute rolls by an additional 25%

  • Doubled the amount of Skill Haste provided by all Skill Haste skill mods

  • Increased Hive Network Firewall Radius from +60% to +100%

  • Increased Turret Cyclone Magazine Mortar Ammo from +4 to +20

  • Increased Turret Ammo Box Extra Mortar Ammo from +4 to +20

  • Increased Turret Ammo Box Extra Sniper Ammo from +6 to +30

  • Increased Firefly Tungsten Compound and Guiding System Max Targets from +3 to +5

Crafting bench Upgrade

  • You can now craft at GS 500 – so all crafted items are GS 500

  • You will need to upgrade the Crafting Bench for that

  • Players already on World Tier 5 will get that Upgrade just by login in

  • Players that still have to get to WT5 will need to find a gear and weapon item with GS 490 or more to use in the upgrade process. (This way it does not go too fast)

  • So crafting is now viable in the endgame gear economy


  • You can now use crafted items to recalibrate from and to

Crafting Materials

  • Every time you deconstruct a branded item, you will also get 1 guaranteed branded material from that.

  • So even when you don’t use an item, it will still help you in the crafting progression

  • Deconstructing Gear Sets will give you specialized (blue) materials 

How to get Blueprints

  • Blueprints are now shared between all activities that grant Blueprints.

    • This means you can get all Blueprints from Control Point Alert Level 3 + 4, there’s no longer a limited pool for that activity.

    • You can still buy Blueprints from Inaya and get them from Projects.

    Blueprints can be shared between characters

    • Once you hit World Tier 1 you can buy a perk from Inaya that will allow you to share the blueprints between every character that also has this perk.

    • So it is optional to share blueprints between your characters 

    Clarification: Exotics dropping from Heroic bosses with TU5

    • The Eagle Bearer cannot drop from Heroic bosses, even if you already own it. It’s exclusive to the raid.

    • The player must have the blueprint for the crafted ones before they drop

      • Liberty

      • The Chatterbox

      • Nemesis

      • Dodge City Gunslinger’s Holster

    • The Discovery mode of the Raid will also not drop the Eagle Bearer.

    • You also have to get the Diamondback Rifle the intended way before it can drop from Heroic Bosses.

    • Shotguns

      • They got feedback that Shotguns are a bit weak in PVE, so they plan to address that.

      • In PVE they will get stronger and on PVP they will get a bit weaker.

      • Specifics have not been revealed yet

      Exotic Buff

      • They removed the random armor and damage value on the Exotic weapons and items

      • Now when you get (or already have one) it will be buffed to the max

      • So you will no longer get strange or lower damage values when you change the GS of an item – once you have an exotic, it will be your companion.

      Gun Runner

      • Will now sell GS 500 items (also Exotics and Named Items)

      • The Division 2

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