The Division 2 Warlords Of New York expansion starts this March

The next major paid-for expansion for The Division 2 sees a return to the Big Apple and a revamped endgame and RPG system.

The Division 2 is going to return to the setting of the first game for its next expansion, as Ubisoft announce that its next expansion will be out on 3 March.

Warlords Of New York already sounds very John Carpenter, but it will specifically tie up a few loose ends from the first game and see the return of some of its characters.

The main plot will revolve around taking down rogue Division agent Aaron Keener and his four lieutenants, with the action based around Lower Manhattan after it’s hit by a hurricane.

Ubisoft are promising a very realistic recreation of the city, including areas such as Chinatown, Wall Street, and Battery Park.

In terms of gameplay changes there’s a new level cap of 40 (you’ll need to be level 30 and World Tier 5 to even play the new campaign). But once each lieutenant is defeated you’ll be able to flit between Washington DC and New York City whenever you want.

There’ll also be the expected new weapons, gear, and four new skills – which are obtained, Mega Man style, by defeating the lieutenants. There’s also a new ‘infinite progression system’ known as the SHD level.

This is all in addition to a new endgame, with new seasonal activities and rewards – including leagues and time-limited global events. Seasons will last three months and the first one begins a week after the expansion launches, on 10 March.

Warlords Of New York costs £25.99 on its own or you can buy a new standard edition of the main game with the expansion included. Or a new Ultimate Edition which has all that plus all Year 1 content, eight exclusive classified assignments, and instant unlocks for all six endgame specialisations.

If you don’t want to pay for the expansion though there’ll also be a free new update, that improves the inventory and makes gear management easier. It will also overhaul the Dark Zones, and see a return for god rolls and a streamlined gear recalibration system.

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