The Division 2’s Next Season Delayed Again As Update Breaks The Game

The Division 2 was planning to roll out an update that would fix a localisation issue that had consequently delayed season 11. However, this update "brought down the build generation system", essentially rendering the entire update system broken.

"Last week, we shared news that the season would be delayed due to a localisation issue," Ubisoft wrote (thanks, IGN). "This past Saturday, in the process of creating the update which would resolve the issue, we encountered an error that brought down the build generation system for The Division 2. As a result, we cannot update the game until this system has been rebuilt. In the past, when a Season was delayed, we extended the previous Season's activities. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the current situation."

Ubisoft also said in the same letter that it has made good progress in the past 96 hours and that it plans to share a timeline of when we can expect the team to finish fixing the broken build generation system. For the time being, this means that season 11 is delayed, and the current one will not continue in its place.

Season 11: Reign of Fire was originally set to launch three days ago on February 7, with an accompanying live stream to air on February 6. Given that it was originally delayed due to localisation issues, and now that it has been delayed again due to the broken update system, no details on what Reign of Fire will involve have been shared at this time.

It's unclear when we'll find out more about the season, or if Ubisoft has plans for another live stream when these issues are ironed out. What we do know is that Ubisoft plans to share another update tomorrow. And with both delays and a lengthier wait between seasons, there is also an "in-game compensation plan" that Ubisoft will share "soon".

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