The Epic Game Store Will Give Away A Free Game Every Day For Two Weeks

The holiday season has arrived and Epic Games is getting into the festive spirit with a charitable collection of free games set to be doled out like an advent calendar throughout the month, starting December 17. For 15 days, there will be a free game ready to redeem. The best part? When nabbed, it’s yours forever to keep.

Epic already has Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny up for grabs right now, and they’re not even part of the 15-day giveaway. On top of this collection, there will be a holiday sale with deals up to as high as 75%-off, giving Steam some major competition.

It’s unsurprising that Epic is going all out for the holiday season given that, throughout 2020, it offered players a free game to nab every single week. Compared to Sony’s own PS+ scheme, which is monthly and behind a paywall, or Microsoft’s game pass, Epic’s method is one helluva way to reel people onto its service.

Epic has yet to announce what these 15 games are, and it’s unclear if it’ll release the details on a day-to-day basis or give players an early heads up, but the process of adding these titles to your library is easy enough.

Simply click the game you want on the store page and press the “Get” button – it’s that intuitive. Even if you’re not going to play it straight away, what’s the harm in building up that backlog that you swear that you’ll get around to one day? Everyone has been doing that on Steam for years whilst throwing money at the screens, so at least this time the monetary guilt won’t be there.

That’s not all, either, as Epic had offered up discounts during The Game Awards, so to say that it is going all out on generosity this December would be a pretty big understatement. Hopefully, given Epic’s track record of pricey titles in its handouts, the 15 days of free titles will include some premium cash savers for you.

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